Best NHS Hospital/Clinic for Cancer Treatment

Hello lovely ladies

I was wondering if anyone knows what the best NHS clinic is for cancer treatment?

I am a young woman of 32. Less than a month ago I found a tiny lump in my right breast. I thought I should get it checked, just in case. I never imagined that in three weeks I would be standing in a doctor's office hearing how losing my breast might be my only option... if there is any chance whatsoever of saving my breast, I need to make sure I take it.

I've been seeing someone at Homerton Hospital but I would like a second opinion before agreeing to a mastectomy. I've only been diagnosed with DCIS and I'm desperate to be able to have at least a nipple-sparing mastectomy (which I wasn't offered).

Where would you recommend I should go in London?

Thank you so much!

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  • Hi , sorry to hear about your diagnosis but great that you found it and did something about it so you’ve caught it early. I don’t think you can go wrong with the Royal Marsden, either in Chelsea or Sutton. They only treat cancer patients which is helpful during COVID times, and have a fantastic reputation for research and groundbreaking treatments. 
    Loffie x

  • Hi

    I second Loffie above, I also had treatment through Royal Marsden in Kingston, Sutton and Chelsea and they were really great all round, not perfect but I don't think anywhere is! You'll be in good hands there.


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