Next Step - Helen 2021

Helen here, delayed treatment. Now had the op.

Day 1 felt great no pain just tired discharged ( later realised no pain as drugs from op still in system)

Day 2 BANG the pain was bad. Called doc and told her I was told to take paracetamol for any pain. She laughed and said "I wish some of these docs would try that after surgery" it is not strong enough. She prescribed proper painkillers. 

Day 3 I am still weak and tired but the pain level is less. I feel I can start to look at what I need to do. Slow and easy lots of rest. Far more positive today.

If you are just emerging from the op take heart I was at the end yesterday thanks to this forum I have been helped and want to help others.

I am not through it I know I have bad days to come but think positive

Helen 2021

  • I have had a rough few days post op. I knew it would not be easy but I just had no energy to even reach out much.

    I had pain and a feeling of complete hopelessness. I cried lots. I put towels over mirrors I had a melt down. 

    I am putting this up because if you are reading this you have either been there or are going there and it's important to know it's NORMAL to get this apparently. We all react differently.

    When I stopped melting I just read and read lots of posts on here and it helped me back to myself and able to deal with things.

    I took the towels away and I looked hey just a bandage nothing to get screwed up about!!!!

    I know there is more to come. Thankyou this forum for helping me and I hope my honesty here will help someone

    Helen 2021

  • I honestly don't understand surgeons who think a couple of paracetomol will help with the pain once the anaesthetic meds have left the system.  I was in hospital for 3 days because the drain was pressing on a nerve (doctors didn't believe me but funny how it stopped when drain removed) and I was given pregabalin and oromorph.  I was discharged with ongoing pregabalin.  Your next big step is to look at your scar once the bandages are off.  I got my practice nurse to take a photo rather than me looking at it directly.  Then the next is to touch it.  They are milestones most of us have to get through and get through them we do. 

  • Get my drain out today!!! Can't wait it's so strange having a little bag to carry around...

    Sleeping so much and today I have woken feeling so much better all of a sudden.  Thinking about the future and what I want to do. Recently all I have thought about is op/drains/hospitals etc etc. I know I have a lot more to come.

    Take heart fellow recoverers good days are on the way when they arrive with you hang on to them they will help with the less good bits.

  • Hi Helen, I had my lumpectomy last July, it’s hard to remember sleeping with drain in bed etc. I had 3 months of 3 weekly chemo followed by 12 weeks of weekly chemo. During first lot of chemo it tooGrinthree attempts before they finally gave me the best anti sickness drug, Just wanting to encourage any of you feeling bad on chemo keep telling nurses, there is a super drug for you. Helen, I did a lGrin of crying at first until eventually I got drug from my own GP. The drug is called Fluoxetine and it worked for me brilliantly. I have never suffered with depression before but coping with cancer anGrintreatment totally overwhelmed me. If you do feel bad I would recommend talking to GP. I feel able to cope much better now, and not so many tears now. Grin

  • My reply below has a lot of smiley faces placed randomly through my mail, strange because I just did one at the end. . Like this Grin PS I took all mirrors down at home but after 3-4 months I have slowly uncovered them. Still takes me by surprise when I catch myself in them. .    

  • Back from hospital feel like a balloon burst. This morning felt great this afternoon lots of pain and so tired from hospital trip. Laid down went straight to sleep. I know it will get better again but wham that train just ran me over again.

    Just a set back I can fight this I will bounce back just need rest.

    It's scary just how tired you feel doing something that before u would not even think about!!! 

    I hope this helps others who maybe feel the same to know we are in this together .....

  • Oh the frustration can anyone else relate to this? I am feeling a bit better, ok I could not run a marathon but when I saw the nurse on Wednesday she said do nothing until I see consultant on 25th. I said things like stacking dishwasher/ cooking meal.

    I know she means well but arrrgh going mad here.

    I know I can't do a lot but thought I could do a little bit each day.

    Anyone else here?? How do u cope?

  • As I live on my own there was no one else to do anything so had to do it myself.  There should be no reason why you can't do simple things, just do what you can and, if your body starts complaining, stop and rest.  My op was at the begining of December and I found wrapping presents caused a bit of a problem with stretching etc.  Just listen to your body.