Covid Vaccine...enlarged lymph nodes

Hi folks, just wanted to say my surgeon sent me for a CT scan to put my mind at rest that everything was ok after treatment. Scan came back showing an enlarged lymph node on left side (opposite side to treatment area) .

Went for ultrasound this morning, they have done a biopsy and should get results in next couple of days.

What I really wanted to say was that the radiologist said they are having a few women in with the same thing after having the Covid vaccine so they think that’s the case here...fingers crossed!! It has gone from 10mm to 6 mm since last Tuesday. Just thought you may want to be aware that this can happen. Hope you are all doing well. x

  • Hi Bramble22 welcome to the forum and sorry about what has been happening for you.

    However thats interesting that the Vaccine could be the culprit I imagine that there are still things about it that they dont know and how it impacts on people who have or have had Cancer. Thank you for sharing this though it will be hopefully be helpful to others and anything that does that has to be beneficial. Hope you get the all clear from the biopsy and please do let us know.xxxx 

  • Perhaps it is just the lymph node doing its job of making antibodies to the Covid-19 virus.  I know lymph nodes can enlarge when fighting infection so that may be the case here.

  • Morning all, good news here!! As the medics suspected biopsy was clear and it was just a reactive node due to the vaccine!! Relief is an understatement!!

    Good for  everyone to know that this could happen! x

  • I had the vaccine and also got a mouth and throat  infection at the same time. My lymph nodes were enlarged. So, as Lesley63 says, that’s the nodes doing their job fighting infection. 

  • How long after your vaccine did you notice the enlarged nodes? I had mine on Jan 31, and noticed squishy nodes when doing lymphoedema exercises 2 or 3 weeks ago.

  • I’ve had the jab about 10 days  ago, and I have a lump under armpit size of a marble. Mine is being checked  out on Thursday 11th. .     Glad yours was nothing, considering I’ve only finished chemo two weeks ago, so chemo nurse said it’s unlikely, still best to check.