Removal of more margins or mastectomy,

Hi everyone, i had surgery for lumpectomy 3 weeks, but my results say the margin isnt enough, therefore need more surgery, plus 1 node is positive.  So surgery booked, but im after advice on wether its best just to have more margins removed and nodes, or just go for mastectomy and node clearance  any debt would be helpful. Im in totally unbelievable mess at the moment, plus ive CT soon.


  • Hi Cymrulady I saw your post and wondered why you had not had  a response as yet but I did reply to you earlier about 2 days ago about the same things and wondered if you had seen that reply? Im not surprised that you feel as you do though and please do think about speaking to someone at the Macmillan Line for some extra support if you feel that would be of any help? 08088080000.

    Sending some hugs for now. xxxx 

  • Hi 

    About 20% of lumpectomies don’t get clear margins, it is gutting when this happens. If you look at my profile you will see my full story, I had the same as you , and still had no clear margins after op no 2, or op no 3. I couldn’t wait to be rid of that boob, but needed chemo so had that before my mastectomy where I had an immediate implant - so I had three lumpectomies, chemo then mastectomy/implant, since had a different reconstruction. Looking from my position down the line - if you can keep your own boob, try and keep it, being flat or any reconstruction, however good, does not replace your own breast, at present you are understandably highly emotional and will just want rid of the cancer, but a year down the line you don’t want to have regrets about choices you made. Having a mastectomy doesn’t change the possibility of the cancer recurring, so I would say go for another lumpectomy and see how that goes? In terms of nodes, my friend had the same as you and didn’t want a full clearance and talked to her surgeon, where they removed the first level of nodes, these were clear so she didn’t have the second level removed. 

    When is your surgery? Are you having the CT scan before surgery ? I would ring your surgeons secretary and or breast cancer nurse and ask a few more questions as you seem like you are not fully aware of your options, it is so difficult when everything is so heightened, you will be anxious, frightened, bewildered but it is important you make your decisions based on facts and not emotion.

    I really feel for you, and hope you can reach a decision that is right for you.

    Jo x

  • Thank you for replying, ive not had CT scan im waiting for a date in the next 10days.. My operation is booked for the 12th march. If im to have more margins clearance i dont think id have a lot of breast left, i dont fancy having a sock like thing just hanging from me.. Im really struggling with what to do. I think i will meet with Drs next week and have a chat again. 


    Sharon x

  • Hi thanks for replying, sorry late in my reply. Ive been constantly on the phone talking to Drs and breast nurse, im really frightened over everything,  im very emotional and cant get passed it. Maybe i should ring the number you mentioned, i need more questions answered 

    Thanks x

  • Hi 

    Have you contacted Breastcancernow? They are fab if you need someone to talk to.

    Jo x

  • Thanks will look into it 


  • If it's any help, I had to have a second lumpectomy. I was offered a masectomy but after talking to my surgeon decided to go down the breast preservation route. I am a B cup so not very big and had 6.5 cm area removed in the end, so a big section of breast.  I had reconstruction by pulling surrounding tissue into the gap left.  I don't know how they managed it, but I am 4 months on from surgery and apart from a scar and a few bumps I don't look much different. 

    I told my doctor early on that I didn't want any unnecessary surgery and they agreed that keeping my breast would be the best option for me.  I had radiotherapy afterwards and am on Tamoxifen. I think the outcomes are the same as a masectomy. 

    It is a really difficult decision to make and it's no wonder you are feeling frightened.  I remember feeling the same way. Your surgeon should be able to help you with your decision.  Keep talking until you get all your questions answered.      

    I really wish you well. This is a tough time.