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  • Had phone call with oncologist who has said I could have 6 radiotherapy treatments over 6 weeks so only have to go once a week. Due to my mental and physical health, I know I wouldn't have been able to cope with 15 treatments over 3 weeks. I originally asked about the 5 treatment Fast Forward but I'm not suitable for that as I have lymph node involvement. Need CT scan first which Doc said would be within week or so and then treatment will start shortly afterwards.

  • Hello

    I have been quietly following the conversations recently as I am about to start radiotherapy. So I been getting some hints and tips! Thanku all.

    I have one question: everyone seems to pick either E45 or Aveeno. However my hospital has recommended some other creams, and I just wondered if anyone tried them:- Dermol, Double base gel or diprobase.

    im leaning towards dermol, as my daughter used that on some Eczema, but obviously I want to see if anyone used the above. 

    Thanku in advance xxx

  • Hi Kelstar9, 

    I was using diprobase on my wounds post surgery so continued with it on my breast throughout radiotherapy. I found my skin was at it’s hottest in the evening. I did also use some cold aloe Vera at times because I had some at home but I wouldn’t say  it’s worth investing in. 
    Keep up the exercises!  I’ve found that my skin really tightened up about 5-6 weeks post radiotherapy and I’ve had to really focus on arm stretches etc. I hope everything goes well for you x 

  • Hi 

    Thanks for the response and the tips! I am glad someone used one of my hospital recommended creams! I am thinking of asking the planning team what they thought was the best one for my skin type too, but I am definitely going to have a look at the diprobase.

    If I remember, I think we had surgery about the same time in September? (Or maybe you have a similar name to who I’m thinking of) I will have to look up the exercises! I wasn’t permitted to do most of mine due to the type of reconstruction I had, luckily I didn’t have any movement or cording issues, but Thanku for the tip.


  • Hi Kelstar,

    You’re correct, I had my mastectomy and DIEP in September. I thought I’d mention the exercises during and post radiotherapy since I hadn’t had cording etc issues but I found the radiotherapy tightened the area and I suddenly realised I couldn’t  fully extend my arm above my head. It’s much better now thankfully and I’m  trying to exercise every day if only for 10 minutes,  to strengthen my abdomen. 

    I hope you’re doing ok xx 

  • Hi 

    I am doing really well, Thanku for asking. I had the LICAP. I’m not very big, so there wasn’t much spare fat, so the closure was tight. But I have healed really well and the boob looks really good. I’m now using Jennifer Young body butters on the scar as it still feels a little tight, but it’s does not cause any issues, but your advise about the excerises will definitely come in handy after treatment. I went on to have 8 rounds of chemo. Just 15 sessions of radiotherapy, and I done. Obviously I am a little nervous about how my skin will hold up, and the discomfort, but want to get started, as the sooner I do, the sooner it will be over.

    Hope your doing okay now and Thanku again for the tips xxx

  • Hopefully you’ll skin will be fine, just keep up with the moisturising. I found my skin the most uncomfortable in the evening then it generally subsided by the morning. It was incremental but thankfully the radiotherapy was over in 15 days. I hadn’t heard of the Jennifer Young cream. Looks like a nice product to use. Meant to say I’m now using bio oil on my scars etc. I’m doing ok thanks, just getting used to the tamoxifen now xx 

  • Is this thread still current? Just wondered as no recent posts. I’ve just had planning scan, but 15 days of radiotherapy not starting until Easter Monday.  


  • Hi  Hope you are doing ok since your chemo finished. I am also due to start 15 days of radiotherapy immediately after Easter, having done my final chemo 3 days ago. I guess not so many people post in here as not as many problems as with chemo. I will be checking for any advice etc.