Please use this months thread....

  • Hi Ruby, 

    Thank you. I’ve had the Herceptins (P and T) and am now on D. All well so far.

    Got some soup and a sandwich too, which was good. Wasn’t sure if they’d still be doing that with Covid. 

    Good luck to everyone who has just had or who is about to have chemo.

    Bluebell xx

  • Hi Diamondgirl, 

    Thank you. All well so far.

    Bluebell xx

  • Hi Denise, good to hear you feel ok this morning and hope it continues.  Like you say, one day at a time.  Thanks for asking about me, pretty much the same as first SE’s with feeling slightly more tired this time round. I feel so lucky that I can rest when I need to and try to count my blessings every day.  I find this helps with my emotions too.

    I have been trying to catch up today with posts and so sorry for anyone with delays as this must be so frustrating when you just want it to be over as quickly as possible.

    Also good luck to anyone having treatments, one step closer to the end :))

    Feeling grateful for all your support, thank you.

  • Glad things are going ok Bluebell x

  • Hi Denise, glad to hear  that your feeling ok today after you treatment yesterday

    Cannot believe how quickly it’s come around not looking forward to the steroids can’t sleep when I take 4 so don’t think there’s much chance on the 8 I have to take tonight and for the next couple of days.

    good luck to everyone who has just had or is about to treatment.

    Take care all


  • Did they tell you to take them at night? My bcn told me to take them around 7am then next lot between 12-1.30 for the day before, day of and day after and that certainly helped reduce insomnia for me. Think others have been told the same to try minimise sleep disruption? 
    I was awake reading my book till about 12.30am then slept through till 6.15am which I thought was good. 

    denise x

    Wishing you all peace and calm in the storm...with a helping of laughter and joy to bring healing Heart

  • Hi Denise and Lara17, I was told the same, take as early as possible and then next dose 4-6 hours later. I’ve done this and not had any side effects from the steroids. My steroids are 2x 8mg of dexamethsone and I take them the day before, during and day after my Chemo cycles. I have a pattern throughout my whole cycle where I wake up 3-4 times a night but it’s not anymore difficult when I’m on steroids than when I’m not. 
    Take care

    Janine x

  • Thank you Crawler, all went well and no adverse reactions. Feeling tired but not to bad so far. Went for a wee walk and I think that’s been beneficial.

    Bluebell xx

  • I've had the runny nose for a while too. Sometimes I don't get any warning that it's running, just drips straight out before I get a tissue! I suppose the loss of nasal hairs could have something to do with it.

    I know that bleeding noses are a SE of Docetaxel. I haven't had a bloody nose but often find blood on the tissue when I do manage to get one quickly enough!! 

    The gift that just keeps on giving! X x x

  • I think it has something to do with the capillaries in the nose lining? When my nose runs I blow my nose hoping to stop it running but then I just get a “bloody” runny nose! It’s really hard to describe but I think you probably know what I mean! My nose is so sore at the moment! 
    Take care

    Janine x