Please use this months thread....

  • Thank you so much, I have cooked, cleaned, painted, scrubbed done everything I could think of to prepare myself for tomorrow xx

  • Thanks , I usually have the same issue as you with too much white blood cells and neutrophils. I had the one booster injection when I started on FEC and this was too much so I was put back on the 1 a day after 5 days like I was on previously. I think the accumulation of the FEC on top of paclitaxel and carboplatin has caused my body to struggle a bit. Overall, I'm fine but I do find it hard to rest, I love to be out and about walking and doing things. My fatigue levels haven't been too bad and I'm still walking most days, I am trying to rest now for a few days so I can get through the final hurdle.

    Good luck to everyone just starting out with chemo, it is very daunting but you will get through it and can look forward to better times. 

  • Hi  I’ve had 2 EC cycles and have 3rd one next week. Try not to have any expectations of yourself. I was a mess too but it was honestly not anything like as scary as I imagined. 
    just listen to your body, rest when you need to, the meds should help most side effects, don’t struggle if they don’t, contact the unit. My bcn told me I should feel normal most of the cycle and if I didn’t to get in touch which really reassured me. I’ve had some nausea and tiredness, constipation and that’s about it, managed a walk most days and even some gentle yoga and exercises. You can totally do this, lots of support on here...and breathe!  is right, the nurses are amazing and will explain everything to you. Good luck, sending positive vibes your way. 

    denise x

    Wishing you all peace and calm in the storm...with a helping of laughter and joy to bring healing Heart

  • Thank you so much for the reassurance. I'm normally strong and fearless but this really seems to have knocked the wind out of my sails. Love and light to you on your journey too xxx

  • I am with you in spirit. I had my 1st EC chemo 9 days ago now. Having a PICC line & 2nd cycle on Wednesday. The keeping busy part can be hard. I found myself going mad with the cleaning & online shopping & batch cooking to feel like I have a safe a haven as possible at home! It's a day at a time & remember, everything will come to pass. Be kind & gentle with yourself. I find it helpful to write a lot - practical stuff & reminders as well as an emotional splurge, call friends when I need, allow myself to watch Netflix whenever I fancy! good luck xx

  • Hi Ladies, round 2 is done. Mostly the same except I have a scalp rash.  It started on Monday- day 4 after TCH chemo.  My MO said Benadryl cream & Benadryl pills at night for sleep but I was wondering if there was something else I could try.  If it doesn’t get better than MO will prescribe me some steroids which gives me thrush & I just finished thrush treatment today. 

  • Hi  I had a scalp rash after 2nd chemo too. Was told to take antihistamines and given a topical cream called xenocort which does have steroids and antibiotics in it which I was told to use it and especially on any spots with tiny pus/yellow heads on them. My rash was mainly just red spots and itchy/hot but a few spots did look as if they developed yellow heads. I found spraying my scalp with distilled witch hazel was very helpful for the itch/heat, I bought a little spray bottle and filled it up and spritzed it over my scalp several times a day as needed. Hope it clears up soon, mine went after 4/5 days of using the cream and witch hazel. Good luck! 

    Wishing you all peace and calm in the storm...with a helping of laughter and joy to bring healing Heart

  • Hi Ista,

    Just seen your message! Still trying to work this site out!

    Yes, I did start to feel a bit worse over the next few days. It was really only tiredness. Very tired. I tried to do things (a walk, exercise, even housework Joy, in the times I felt OK). Progressively feeling better and OK today.

    My hair is still on my head, so far. I’m sure it will come out though!

    I bit of a break before my next chemo on the 18/3.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Bluebell xx

  • Thought journey for us but it will all come to pass

  • Hi all

    round 2 done wasn’t to bad trouble with veins but once that was sorted I was in and out in an 1hr. 30mins. Was a bit tired in the evening so went for a sleep with the result didn’t sleep well at night. Feel ok today although not doing much just taking it easy. Hair is falling out looking to cut it tomorrow as I have my wig all sorted. I’m like you bluebell and try to go for walks when the weather is dry and am feeling up to it I find it helps with the sleeping. Think I’ll try Benadryl to get a sleep at night as suggest by Ista. How are you Crazysaffa did your treatment go ok and how are you feeling today. Take care everyone 

    Anne x