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  • Link for Hints and tips for chemo please add any that you have 


    One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • Morning All & Happy February! 

    Love & hugs to all who have appointments/treatments this week. Hope all goes well xx

    I’m still awaiting my MRI results to see how lump has responded to chemo & what surgery will be needed! Hopefully won’t be too much longer, which reminds me hope you are getting on ok with chemo. I think you were waiting on a CT scan?

    Hope everyone else doing ok xx

  • Thanks Daydreamer6.

    I’m glad January has gone and we are in to a new month.  I’ve been finding the EC very tough going, though hoping for better this next week.  All the usual tummy problems returned in abundance even though oncologist said categorically they wouldn’t with these drugs.  So still on industrial amounts of loperamide.

    So many newcomers to the group I have rather lost track.  But everyone seems to have made a great start to their chemo and be doing well.  

    Hope you get MRI results soon.


  • Thanks Judith Blush
    Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with all your tummy problems again Frowning2 I do hope this week is better for you and you can enjoy feeling a little more normal for a while..I’m presuming there isn’t an alternative for the EC? 



  • Hi Everyone. I am new and starting chemo soon and am feeling a bit scared. I am 36 and was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Stage 2 after just relocating from South Africa to the UK in September 2020 for work. This seems to be a wonderful platform to reach out for support Slight smile

  • Welcome to the UK and the forum Yolandi.  That must have been such a shock for you on top of such a big move.  You will find lots of support here, it's a lovely group 

  • Hi everyone, Its a nice sunny day to start my week.  I’m finally feeling like myself today. SE are about 75% gone.  I definitely hit a chemo crash 3 days ago.   My family made me rest so I snoozed & caught up on some Netflix.  I may have to watch Bridgerton again, I’m not too sure what actually happened. lol 
    Hi YolandiB and welcome to this fabulous group. You have definitely strolled into a wonderful platform for support. I read the chemo groups from December & November to get more tips too.  

  • . As far as I know there is no alternative, but I’m going to ask about dose reduction or cutting chemo short.  We’ll see what oncologist says. Phone appointment on Thursday.


  • Hello .   What a huge shock, to have just relocated for a new job and then get such a diagnosis.  

    Welcome to this site. There is always someone who can answer questions or give encouragement.  

    Do you know what your chemo will start with?


  • Hi everyone

    A new month and a step closer to completing chemo, I can now say my chemo finishes next month which feels good. Sorry to hear you have been finding the EC tough , I am in a similar position having had my first session of FEC. It is now day 11 after my chemo and I'm finally starting to feel normal again. Yesterday I was able to get out for a walk which helped me immensely and bizarrely helped me feel less fatigued. 

    Welcome to the group and sorry you find yourself here, I also have triple negative breast cancer which was diagnosed in October. I am 3 months into my chemo, I started with paclitaxel and carboplatin and am now on FEC. I am pleased to say my tumour has shrunk to almost nothing, stay positive and you will get through this.

    Hope you get your MRI results soon

    Best wishes to everyone else, and hoping your SE are minimal x