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  • Hi. I would say all treatments are different and personalised to your overall treatment and I think the 5 days is still a fairly new suggestion. I have been offered 10 days, 5 days of intense and 5 days of what would have been the more general treatment. So I think it depends. I would still ask though. They should be able to explain their rationale. What every happens good luck with the treatment 

  • Hi Dee

    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling any better at the moment, it seems such a long journey that we are on at the moment 

    I have done 5 sessions out of the 20 RT so far, all ok at the moment.  I have been using the E45 cream the one for eczema.  I found a 500ml bottle on Amazon for £8.99.  Seems to be doing the trick.

    Sorry I don't know about the Aveeno.

    Hopefully I will manage the rest of them with no problem. 

    I hope you manage to get your treatment planned and started soon. 

    Keep safe and well and love yourself loads.

    Lesleyanne xx

  • My onco said the 5 treatment Fast Forward is not an option for me as I have lymph node involvement but he said I could have 6 once a week treatments which can cover my remaining lymph nodes.  This is a much better option for me as going out to treatment every day would be impossible for me.  Already had my CT measuring scan and start treatment on 9 March.

  • Had my CT scan on Tuesday and found out my NHS Trust don't do tattoos any more.  They taped some wire around my remaining boob and mirror that where my left boob would have been.  Looked this up on internet: New technology, called surface guided radiotherapy (SGRT), uses three dimensional imaging to help radiographers position patients, avoiding the need for tattoos. A 3D image is first taken as part of the planning for treatment. This image is then used prior to each radiotherapy session to ensure the patient is in the correct position. This also means that patients can be positioned underneath the radiotherapy machine without using tattoos. As with many new technologies though, it can be costly.

  • That's interesting!  I have my scan on Friday and they've already told me that I'll be having the tattoos.  The treatment will start about 4 weeks later.  Good luck with your treatment Slight smile

  •  Hi Lesley63 I started my radiotherapy yesterday and no tattoos for me either, they did what they did to you.  I'm also doing the shortened 5 day more intensive.  Bit red swollen and tender yesterday but have been fine after todays session.  Hope yours goes well.

  • My hospital is a big teaching hospital who have most of the up to date equipment so I suppose I am lucky in that respect.

  • Hi Lesley63

    I had the tattoos, they are so tiny you can barely see them. They were nothing to worry about.

    I have just had my 10th session of radiotherapy today another 10 to go and so far no problems, perhaps a couple of twinges in the breast just afterwards but nothing to worry about.

    I did  query why I wasn't offered the 5 day intense option and was told it was due to the type of cancer I had.  I have to have  the basic 3 weeks done to the whole breast area than an extra boost week done to the area where the cancers were removed from.  It's a bit of a long old slog going in daily but needs must eh!

    I even managed to mow the lawn today! Roll on summer.

    Let's all kick the big 'C' up it's bum and get on with our lives again

    Love to all on here going through similar journeys. 

    Lesleyanne xx

  • Well done on the lawn mowing, the weather has certainly been gorgeous this last week!  just what we need to keep our spirits up.

    I went for my RT planning on Friday but it was postponed due to a strange rash that has spread across both boobs and swelling which the oncologist thinks is an infection in the breast tissue.  Now on antibiotics and steroid cream, cream not having any effect yet, also noticed a similar rash just behind my knees!  What's going on?  Only been using Aveeno cream but not behind my knees. 

    I'll get a call Wednesday to see how things are going, but no use doing measurements until all swelling gone.  One good thing is that they may be able to use the tattoos I had 12 years ago, or at least some of them. 

    Love and hugs to all


  • Hi Dee

    Sorry to hear that you're going through the mill at the moment,  hopefully the meds will kick in soon and that horrible rash will go away and you can get back on track.  Good to hear that they might be able to use your previous tattoos. 

    Just keep your spirit up and try and enjoy some of this lovely sunshine. 

    Lots of love and big hugs

    Lesleyanne xx