Radiotherapy club. Post your top tips for dealing with radiotherapy here please

Hi everyone

Following a great suggestion from  we're going to trial a radiotherapy club, similar to the chemo club, where people undergoing, or about to undergo, radiotherapy treatment can share their experiences. 

To get it going, we thought it would be a good idea to collect your top tips to pass on to those coming after you. 

So if you have any tips for dealing with radiotherapy treatment, please post them here. 

  • Hi Kwissy

    Thanks for your words of reassurance. I have 5 days starting 8th Feb. 

    I know I just have to listen to the advice I'm given, keep applying the lotions and drinking plenty of water.  I will be fine but need to also listen to my body and rest when I need to.

    This cancer malarkey has a lot to answer for.

    Stay safe

    Debs x

  • Yes , but as time goes on and the treatments in the main are behind you it does get easier to cope with - or at least that is what I found and I hope you will too.Resting as needed and doing a little bit of outdoor exercise if the weather permits will improve your well being. As others often say " take it all one step at a time." xx

  • Hi Deb36,

    I had 15 days of radiotherapy in December. I moisturised my skin 2-3 daily, sometimes more in the evening as my chest seemed to feel hottest then. My skin became quite red by the end of the treatment and I found wearing a soft top to bed was helpful. It did leave me feeling tired but I expect that was a combination of recovering from surgery too. I drank lots of water too, more than I normally would. The radiologists were great and check you each day with a post treatment follow up. I hope everything goes well for you. 

  • I finished my 5 days last week. Felt a bit odd and tired after day 3, which was a Friday. After the weekend to recover, my next 2 sessions were ok. My skin has been fine. Plenty of vit E cream a fewRibbonimes a day, keep up with the exercises and plenty of rest. Goodbye cancer!! Good luck!Ribbon

  • Hi Debs I will be joining you in the Radio Lounge in February. I had my surgery 6 weeks ago and went for my planning CT 2 weeks ago. As I still had a leaky wound with swelling we all agreed to postpone for a week but then the machine broke down and they delayed again. Hopefully the stars will align tomorrow for my scan and tattoos. Im still slightly leaky but the BCNs aren't concerned and say crack on. I am having the FAST Five treatments and hope to start in the next fortnight. I am so relieved to have chemo and surgery behind me I can't get too worked up about the radiotherapy. The lovely radiographer I saw was very reassuring and made it all sound very straightforward. I just hope she is right!

  • Hi , In my experience in June 2020 it is really straightforward - I had the 5 day Fast Forward too. It takes longer to position you correctly on the table than to carry out the treatment. I hope your scan and tattoos go well tomorrow. The position you are in for the scan will be exactly the same as when you have the treatment . please mention to the radiographer if it feels awkward as the arm rests and knee supports can be adjusted at this stage. The marking of the skin is minimal now - just 3 ink  dots ,one each side and a central one on the midline. Remember to increase your fluid intake and use whichever cream your unit suggest  to moisturise the skin. As I am well endowed I was advised to wear a non-wired supportive bra before and after the treatment. I tucked an old cotton hankie between the bra band and my under boob skin.(this is the area most likely to suffer from friction and rubbing) My skin even now still looks very slightly tanned in comparison to the other one (which had 25 sessions 22 years ago!-  so 5 was a doddle) Hope you find the same. Sending hugs xxxKwissy