Hair loss

Hello everyone 

I start chemo next week and they tell me that I will lose my hair, no ifs and buts!

im trying to be practical, not always easy I'm sure you will agree and prepare myself for it. I have read up on it and looked at YouTube to see what is out there. It's actually made me more anxious as this is really going to happen now.

I actually live in Belgium so wig advice for UK based companies probably will not help much as Brexit has made it difficult to order some things from the UK. I need to find what is available here. I like wearing scarves but have always had a problem with them slipping. I think I have a funny shaped head Rofl I see that there are anti slip products available but do they work if you have no hair and will my head be more sensitive?

Any advice welcome 

take care xxx

  • Hello

    I lost my waist length hair 3 weeks after starting Chemo.   I was only told it would get very thin.   I opted for the cold cap treatment but sadly this did not work.   I have many scarves and yes a beautiful wig too....which came from Germany..made by Gisela Mayer.

    I also have some beautiful soft bamboo cotton head turbans.   These were purchased from Amazon.

    If you would like any links or more information, please do not hesitate to message me.

    I wish you good luck with your journey.


  • The best thing I did was cut my long hair off ahead of chemo, donate it and then shave the rest off. It gave me control over something when I had so little control over everything else. It turned out the buzz cut was pretty good and I enjoyed having it like that until it started falling out almost 3 weeks in - I then shave it again.

    I bought a few different hats and scarves. some beanies, some winter hats for outside and a couple of pre-tied scarf/hats that I ended up wearing for my appointments. Some I got from online sites that specialise in chemo headwear and others I just bought on line.

    I did get a wig (free on the NHS where I am) but I never wore it as it just didn't feel like me. As soon as my hair started growing in and I have a short covering, I ditched the hats too.

    I didn't find my head more sensitive, but some people do. I would have thought the hats might fit better with no hair - maybe it was the hair making it slip? I would probably stay away from non-slip products as your skin might get irritated by them. Check anything like that with your oncologist first.

    I hope chemo goes OK for you.

  • I'm about to finish my chemo - session 6 in 2 weeks and have used the cool cup throughout. My hair thinned very gradually bur is now see through in parts. I've spoken to others who used it, who've commented their lasted until their chemo ended then fell out. I've bough various cars and have several baseball hats around and have a wig for emergencies! Have to have an op for lymph rode removal, then radiotherapy after this! Be warned - when your hair grows backl - and it will! - it could be totally different in Color and texture compared to your "old" hair 

  • I cut my hair short, then shaved it when it started to fall out. I do have a wig but I’ve never worn it once See no evil I’ve lived in beanie hats, I bought turban style but didn’t like them in me so it’s been a simple beanie, they don’t slip, easy to take on and off, lots of colours and patterns, if you pop ‘chemo beanie’ into google it’ll bring you up loads x

  • Hi , like most people here , have a wig (a) don’t wear it

     Best thing I bought was a fringe / bangs on a head band that I wear with beanies/ scarf/ turban 

    I bought it from Godiva secret wifgs in  the US 

    $30 US plus the same/ more shipping 

    if you have long hair you could cut some off and make your own? Tie in a pony to wear as a fringe  at the front?

    im more concerned Re my eyebrows/ eyelashes/ nails 

    still got facial hair ( lashes/ brows) but only had 2 cycles of chemo 

    good luck 

  • Hi white lady, I went for my first chemo on the 23rd of December and I was told that by day 19 my hair would be falling out   they weren't wrong, it started to come away on day 12 when I brushed my hair and by day 19 ,Wednesday  morning ii lost the same that morning as I did over the week.  I had an appointment with the mcmillan center on Wednesday morning to have my wig sorted and whilst there the lady advised me to shave what was left off,only if I was ready..I agreed to it as I  was ready and couldnt be crying everytime I brushed my hair.  I left with a beautiful concave Bob, a lot shorted than I'm used to  but very manageable and modern. I sent away for a few scarves off ebay and another long wig with real hair from a site online , I'll get the link for you  so there's plenty of choice out there if you shop about..its not easy loosing your hair  mine was also below my shoulder so I couldn't even bring myself to cutting it up short  but I'm only saying u thinking you can cut your hair up shorter it will be easier for you when it starts coming away because your head will be tender, loose hair will be getting matted and its harder to brush.. thats what I found anyway. I had my second dose of chemo yesterday..God bless you, take care

  • First pic my own hair and before diagnosis out enjoying my birthday.  

  • Hi there, yes I too am bald and its not a good look on me however, there are lots of headscarves, wigs and alternatives that we can use if we need/want too. I have quite a collection of hats and scarves now but keep a couple especially for visits to hospital (I rarely go elsewhere at the moment, it's too cold :) bet not as cold as where you are though. You may be able to wear a winter furry type hat where you are at present? It's the spring that concerns me as I'll look a bit odd walking about with a hat on then locally as they're a tough lot up North :) Sometimes I get prickles (like a little hedgehog, and they itch) but have had nothing more. I also lost all my other hair and just have tiny eyebrows now which look black and white .....that may be age. I don't mind how my hair grows back, as long as it grows back! Try not to worry about what other people say (or do) my family have made various unhelpful remarks but they got as big a shock as I did so ...I let it go although my husband did say I have lovely ears lol.... concentrate on taking care of yourself as best you can. Wishing you well with the regime.