Wigs/ hairpieces/ hats

Bit of light chat - different from the side effects ….( I’ve had enough of them! Grrr) 

Got a selection of turban/ hats

a wig , not worn it out yet , can’t get used to it. After 2 chemo sessions I still have eyebrows- so bought myself a fringe wig from Godiva secret wigs now ( in the US) see pic 

I have very wispy bits under the beanie, I should get my son to shave what’s left of the baby fine hair to a no 3 this weekend before he heads back to uni on Monday 

hats ok now, but what happens in summer ?

no local look good feel better workshops open here ( face to face) hopefully soon , so no close mutual baldies to look at scarf tying or hat wearing options at the moment, hopefully our Big C will open again soon at NNUH 

see below 

  • You look lovely xx

    My sister has ordered me a stripy beanie and I'm ordered some handmade beanie in bright and fun fabric so the kids can see that I'm not taking this seriously... I'm going to go dinosaur print and puffin print to start.

    I haven't started chemo yet but I need to get it straight in my head first. I don't think I'll go for a wig just stick with funky beanies and scarves

  • Hi I think that’s a great idea Grinning my mum went straight in for the wig, and although it was nice and looked good she has never wore or bothered with it to be honest

    she too bought head scarves, all different and colours and they looked great 

    she did however cut her fringe off before loosing her hair and tied a bobble round it then when she fancied she just stood the fringe under whichever scarf or cap she wore See no evilTired faceRoflit looked really good

  • thank you

    That sounds fun - with the kids being involved , with or without hair won’t bother them I’m sure 

    I’m hearing of so many who don’t wear their wigs they purchased 

  • Yes I never thought of cutting my own hair ,

    this is less grey, my 21 year old son reminded me Joy 

  • Ha yes my mum didn’t lose her eyebrows for a while, her hair is growing back and it’s thicker and dark grey? She had really fine hair before and always dyed it blonde she got my brother to shave hers off as soon as she realised it was falling out I too read so many people often look back wondering why they ever worried about there hair loss? It seems to be a very common panic/worry to most when they are 1st told and yet they soon say it becomes the least thing they even think about after a short time 

  • Yes I wasn’t really worried Re my hair at diagnosis , it was just get the treatment started ( I was in chemo within a month of bring diagnosed , had had all my mri , and ultrasounds and marker inserted) 

    but it’s weird how it’s taken away my confidence 

    yes I’m enjoying the tips from everyone here Re their side effects etc. Latest I’ve bought is Bella bamboo bras , not underwires . Recommended by someone on here who put a link on  My own underwire ( yes ample bosom) had cut into me, now I have thrush under my boobs Stuck out tongue closed eyes - lovely and painful sweaty area 

    also developed d a tummy n last couple of months , yep it’s there too- thank god  for canestan . My skin has completely dried out everywhere 

    but if the chemo is working , all a small price to pay