Breast cancer

Have just had a full mastectomy and need to find out how to cope

  • Hello Flower. Is it the physical aspect, such as drain issues, coping with pain, using the arm on that side? Or more along the lines of coping with the idea of the breast not being there?

  • Hi flower

    I am a month post op. Still feel awful looking at the scar. Not pretty but I think it will go for sure, it will take time. When I first looked at it after dressing came off, I was devastated and cried lots. Straight after op waking up in recovery room I also cried. I won't tell you how ...but it takes time and you just Do...I told myself I won't let BC define me...then I stopped crying. Physically you will feel lots better after third week. 

    For myself I focused on doing 3 things each I felt productive. Then rest plenty when body tells you. Drink lots fluids and do arm exercises as prescribed.

    Will you need chemo? When will you know results?

    Sending you lots of healing vibes.

    C x