First EC chemotherapy

Just had my first EC chemo , well I don't know what to say, I have had 4 and a half months of hell bilateral mastectomy lymph nodes out  seromas, cording  and  now Chemo. 

I'm having EC it took only  30 mins!  had fantastic care from Velindre , I feel better coming out than I did going in! It's early I suppose the side effects will kick in soon . I didn't have any during the infusion at all. I can't believe it my daughter dropped me off and just managed to get home and she had to come back because I was done !  Lol so I expect I will have some bad days to come but today I feel fine. Didn't bother cold capping , the only good thing to come out of all  this trauma  is I'm giving my hair to little princess. That's it I made my decision  to do that at the last moment . 

Nurse said to me  you have 3 infusions left so 90 minutes  on this journey and I'm done !!! 


  • HI Rhiwbina

    I'm glad to hear that your first session of chemo went well.  Hope you don't have too many side effects from it.


  • Thankyou Daisy 

    Yes I'm sure they are on there way!  It went well such a relief after everything X 

  • Hi Rhiwbina

    I down, means one less ahead. Good that you have got started and that it was not as bad an experience as thinking about it beforehand.

    Be sure to take the support meds exactly as prescribed, even if you are feeling just now that you don't need them. Also, drink plenty of fluids, much more than you usually would. It definitely helps to stay very hydrated. I had EC too.

    Wishing you an evening and night with no SEs. Let us know how you get on.

    Big hugs


  • Thanks Wallydug it was such a shock that for once everything went well. I doubt it will last but I will take it for what I was a good day x 

    Jayne x

  • Ah Jayne, I’m so pleased to hear that your first session went well. I’m due my first EC next week so am glad you’ve shared this, can’t wait to start the countdown! 

    Sending lots of love, hugs and positive vibes x 

  • Excellent, so great to hear chemo went OK. Makes us all feel more positive of what is ahead for us lot! 

    C x

  • Hi Jayne,  I had EC and managed to cope well with it.  It took a lot longer than 30 mins for me.  I didn’t drink enough water so try to flush flush flush as it really helps.  I had 4 EC’s in 2 weekly gaps then moved on to Pactaxical (sorry I can’t remember the correct spelling).  Anyway I finished chemo last Friday and I have my first radiotherapy appointment this morning.  Best of luck, Jan x

    • Hi everyone instill doing good poping pills like a junkie anti sickness stuff , no sickness yet! And feeling very relaxed . But will it carry on like this ? I do hope so had three red wee s  ? Feeling tired eating a little and drinking loads of water x Take care Jayne x 
  • Thank you yes its a much nicer feeling leaving first treatment than arriving for first one . The psychological worries fell away as the minutes clocked by. 

    Just hoping it is always this way ! .


    Jayne x 

  • I had my first EC on the 1st October so I'm on day 15. My infusion took about an hour but I was there for 2 hours as they check you over, start the saline drip off etc.

    Days 1-3 were ok, I just felt tired but from days 4-6 I felt extremely tired and spent a lot of the time sleeping. Luckily I didn't get any nausea or vomiting but did suffer with muscle pain from the flistagrim injections and constipation. 

    I think cycle 2 will be better as I will be more prepared and ready to just give in to the side effects.

    The thought of the chemo was much worse than the actual chemo!