I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of this year and was operated on in September. Today I was in formed that all the cancer was removed and my breast is now cancer free and I'm waiting on the date for radiotherapy to start.

I was one of the very lucky ones as it was picked up on a routine mammogram and was only 1cm big so could not be felt.

I have a very loving and supportive family who have been there for me. But this might sound selfish, they don't understand that behind this brave face is someone who is unsure how to take the next step without falling to pieces.

I'm not asking for people to feel sorry for me but hoping out there is someone who understands where I'm coming from.

  • Hello Hellesdon

    So sorry that it is here that we meet, but glad that at least your surgery is over and that your boob is cancer free. That is great news and a good place from which to be moving forward. I think most ladies here still have days when they feel shoogly, even if they are quite far down the path of being treated. 

    With respect to family not understanding how you feel, I do understand and personally I have found my best girl friends to be the most understanding. Two have previously suffered cancer themselves several years ago and two have not. They are my go to people for full, free and frank discussions about today, tomorrow and what the future might hold. It is perfectly natural to feel as if you are about to fall apart some days. This is still a very new experience in terms of life-experience and for sure, none of us chose to sign up to this ride.

    On the positive, there is now so much that can be done to treat the BC and keep us alive. I try to be grateful that it is now that I have this, and not previously, when the treatment outlooks were much less certain than they are today.

    Come back here and vent whenever you need to. Better out than in.

    Sending you a big hug


  • Yes I know exactly how you feel. I too have loving partner and family but they haven't been through it.  They don't understand the irrational fears and how I am feeling and it's very hard to explain to them. We are here. Some days its just a matter of keeping going. Good luck with rads. X

  • Thank you. I started to feel better once it was put out there. 

  • Thank you, your right they don't know how I'm really feeling and the fears I've had. 

  • Hi it’s a real rollercoaster. I was also detected at my routine mammogram. I’m waiting for the histology results then radiotherapy. I think I’m coping pretty well most of time now,  but sometimes a trivial thing turns me into a wreck. 
    We’re all just winging it. 

  • Hi it’s not selfish to feel the way you’re feeling, it’s very hard to keep moving forward and unless someone has gone through a cancer diagnosis they don’t understand the irrational fear. My family is very supportive but they don’t really understand how this feels, but the ladies on here all do and reading that someone else has experienced the same thoughts makes you feel like you’re not alone. 

    Big hugs

    Diane xx