Just to say hi

Hi I’m 2 weeks post surgery (wide margin local excision) globular cancer with axial clearance. Waiting now for the call back for the histology and next step. The plan is for radiotherapy and tamoxifen. 

The lump was non-palpable so I had no clue until I got the recall from routine mammogram screening. I had a period of total panic and anxiety between recall and meeting the surgeon (especially whilst undergoing what seemed like a never ending roundabout of scans and blood tests).

It seems like a lifetime ago since the screening, but in reality is just 9 weeks.  

wishing everyone the best on this rollercoaster ride.

  • Hi Angua 1

    Good to hear that your surgery is over with. Also good that you had the routine mammogram screening - it shows how valuable it is as you had not been able to feel anything.

    Hope that you get good news when you get the histology results and wishing you well with the RT & tamoxifen.

    You will find that this is a great site for getting hints and tips for the different stages of treatment.

    Wishing you all the best


  • Thank you. No one was able to feel the lump 18-20mm in size. I know I’ve been lucky as it was difficult to get it on the mammogram to check the wire was in the correct place. 
    I was stunned by the speed that everything has happened - and the care, kindness and professionalism of all the staff at the hospitals that I’ve encountered. 
    Friends and family have been a tremendous help. My best friend has taken me to many of the appointments, her colleagues covering her work if necessary, as there are survivors amongst them. 

  • I am glad that you have such supportive girlfriends. It makes all the difference at at time like this.

    Thinking of you. Let us know how things go.

    Sending hugs to you.