Waiting for Diagnosis

Breast lump and possible lymph node 

When to breast clinic yesterday after finding a lump. It measures 2cm. On ultrasound,  Doctor says she is strongly concerned,  so did biopsies, with markers,  and also noticed a swollen lymph node. I did mention that I had recently had my 2and covid vaccine,  so said hopefully the node was probably a symptom of that. The doctor at the ultrasound kept saying, do you understand, what we are saying to you? Said I must bring someone with me, for results which is mon 7th June.  

  • Hi, how did you find both operations? X my op should be in 4 weeks. X

  • Hi Betsycar

    I found my operation straight forward. Before I had my operation I had a guide wire inserted in my breast as my tumour was so small after treatment so that the surgeon could find the tumour to remove it and also had a radioactive dye injected into my underarm to show the lymph nodes that needed to be removed. I did have some pain but I got a prescription from the hospital for paracetamol and a stronger painkiller which I can’t remember the name of which I filled the following day and took whenever I needed them.


  • Glad to hear you’ve had results today and treatment planned going forward. Best wishes x

  • Hi Betsycar,

    My operations went really well. I was very anxious before my first one as I had never been under anaesthetic before. But was put to sleep before surgery and was awake again before I knew it. Lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy I healed from really quickly (a week) but with full node removal it’s taking longer which they earned me about. More side effects. Had a seroma which is a very swollen area under my arm where site of wound is. Very uncomfortable but I went to clinic to have it drained yesterday and feel so much better. I should’ve gone sooner. So if you should suffer with swelling at all I advice you contact your breast care nurse as soon as possible to avoid prolonged discomfort as I did. I’m doing my exercises three times a day and just awaiting results day. 

    Best of luck with your surgery. If you have any more questions please do ask x

  • Thanks ladies x

  • Looks like the 16th is results day for a few of us.

    My plan is to rest as much as I can, stay busy n talk to my support network. 

    But also to leave time for me to just breathe...

    Hang in there, we'll get through this!

    ANG X

  • When should you get your results? Hope you are recovering well? X

  • Hi Betsycar,

    Thank you for asking. I’m doing much better now since had my seroma drsined. They said could fill up with fluid again but so far so good. Just bored and wanting to get back to work and normality. Still have to wait til Thursday afternoon for my results. Just want to know if there’s been any more spread in lymph nodes and what my treatment plan will be. I haven’t been as emotional this week as I was. 

    How are you getting on with things? How are you feeling about your op? 

    Best Wishes 


  • Glad you are feeling better now. Do you have a drain in, still. I'm ok thanks, feels as though its happening to someone else, and the reality as hit yet. My husband is in bits, though. I think I just want a date for the op. Are you managing to sleep well? Take care x