I have had my medication changed for the fourth time because of side effects . Tamoxifen is the one I have just been prescribed. My concern is the list of dangerous side effects . I know we are all different and not everyone gets the same side effects but I would like to hear from people who are actually taking Tamoxifen. How has your body coped with Tamoxifen? Which if any side effects do you have ? Any information would be so helpful . Thank you .

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    i have recently stopped Tamoxifen after 6 years. The only side effect I had was hot flushes. I found that different brands could make the flushes better or worse but always manageable. 
    I also used to take it just before bed time so that I had the worst flushes overnight where I could sleep with the window open rather than in work during the day. 

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    withak xx

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    I have been on Tamoxifen for 10 months, the first three months I had joint pain, feeling sick and a few hot flushes.  This has all settled down and I just get the odd day of feeling sick.  It does depend on the brand you take as to what suits you.  I had one brand which made me feel sick and also really forgetful.  My sister has had various brands and her symptoms were like mine to begin with but now she is ok apart from forgetting the odd thing.  If you suffer from hot flushes then some nurses advise taking it at night, I take mine at the time everyday in the morning so I do not forget as my nurse said everyone absorbs drugs differently so it didn’t matter what time you took it.  Wishing you the best.