Relatively new diagnosis

Hi, was diagnosed on March 4th. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction two weeks ago, now just waiting on lymph node results, still feel like it’s happening to someone else. I was 36 in Jan and was certainly not expecting this. I try to be positive and just face things head ob, but the waiting for results is hard. I just try my best to control what I can, like the products I use etc.

So glad to have joined this group. 

  • Hi

    A warm welcome to the Macmillan forum (albeit a sad welcome). You are young, bless you - no wonder you weren't expecting this!  As you say, the waiting for results is very hard and I personally think it was the hardest part of all of it.

    I do hope the results of your lymph nodes prove that it hasn't spread into them.  Very best of luck!!

    Best wishes, Lesley

  • Hi

    snap I found out 1st of April breast cancer had my op yesterday and nymph removed but was grade 1 b3  breast sore and arm resting at moment it was a shock had no lumps or pain ,but have to be strong and get on with it x

  • Thank you Lesley. Had the phone call this afternoon to give me my appointment time, feels very real now. Trying my best to be positive, just not good with not knowing the next step as my mind goes to lots of different scenarios. 

  • Hi Lynn, which op did you have? Did you have all lymph nodes removed or just some for a biopsy?

    agree have to be strong, much better dealing with it once I have a plan but so rubbish with limbo x