First Chemo this week when does the side effects fade??

Hi everyone

I have high grade DCIS and a stage 2 lump, going to undergo 6 cycles of Chemo and targeted hormone drugs then a the big mastectomy op...I had my first chemo Wednesday just gone the day went ok but the side effects from steroids and anti sickness are flooring me, immune booster jabs start tonight, can anyone tell me roughly what day I’ll feel normal ish again? 

Thank you x x x 

  • I have 4 cycles of chemo to go before surgery and radiotherapy so you give me a lot of hope.   Any advice in terms of prepping for the surgery?  Thanks 

  • Try drinking pineapple juice or eating pineapple there is a certain enzyme that helps. Dry mouth pastilles which really helped to clear my horrible tongue and inflamed mouth eg Salivix Plus and also a toothpaste called Biotene. Wish I had found these pastilles sooner as they really did help me but I was due my last cycle of docetaxal when I heard about them. Used them day and night when my tongue was really yucky. My oncologist kept recommending manuka honey but I don’t like honey so didn’t try it.  He said to coat your tongue and mouth with it or suck on a spoon of it. Good luck!

  • Thank you just ordered those products! Does it wear off at all before each cycle of docetaxal? Or is it with you throughout? Fingers crossed

  • I had the treatment every 3 weeks and I found the last week prior to the next was not too bad. It put me off a lot of foods, eg spicy food, salt and pepper, brown sauce, gravy, tea coffee, etc. I could taste the slightest amount of grease ie when gravy made from granules went slightly cool I couldn’t stand grease! I ate a lot of soups and cereal and some bland stuff. But in that last week before the next cycle I would eat all the things I previously loved as long as they weren’t too fiery hot. Hmm funny I never went off sweet thing Wink