Hi found out i have breast cancer this morning. Will know more on wed about type of cancer i have etc. Just wondering how people best deal with the anxiety and in ability to sleep!!

  • Hi I was told on the 21st what type etc having waited 2 weeks for the full biopsy results and I see the surgeon next Wednesday. As I write this it’s 5am so I haven’t as yet mastered being able to sleep without every time I go into a lighter sleep waking up and straight away thinking about cancer. I just kept going trying to stick to my normal life walking the dog, going to work etc.
    I’ve found telling family and friends and then dealing with their anxiety and distress harder. Although at times every little ache or pain makes me think it’s spread everywhere and I feel upset the majority of the time I feel quite positive. I don’t feel all doom and gloom and feel reassured by the info I’ve been given by the doctors so far that I will have a treatment plan and this is manageable. 
    My daughters are finding it hard and feeling very negative they are angry and distressed and want all the treatment to start yesterday. 
    I have read some of the blogs on here and found it helpful to write down how I’m feeling and have considered starting my own blog. Some of the stuff I’ve written is quite light hearted, I’ve been calling my lump a little alien or little shit. 

    I have definitely found this site helpful, reading the leaflets I was given hasn’t necessarily been helpful at times as when I’m feeling a bit low and I read them having more info has made me feel scared and I’ve found it harder to feel positive. 

  • Hi, it's a scary time isn't it?  The uncertainty, especially when these days when we have so many things under control in life, is a real challenge, at least it was for me.  I was diagnosed 2 months ago and waiting for results was the toughest.  I made a very conscious decision to “put this in a box on a high shelf” until I had news and I tried not to think too much,    To do this I kept busy and used some techniques from the Headspace app to help me sleep.  I also found that taking control of the things I could helped - what I eat, how much I exercise etc.    I'd also recommended to avoid Mr Google, I learnt the heard way as thst's way too generic and it terrified me unnecessarily.  Good luck with the coming days and I hope you have a clear plan soon.

  • Thanks. A blog is a great idea and I hope you do it. Thank you for responding. Its great to feel not alone! 

  • Thanks. I agree about Dr Google. I promised myself I wouldn't do it but as soon as I got home went straight on Internet but then stopped myself after a while. Breast cancer is specific to an individual. Thank you for your words. 

  • Hi

    i was diagnosed on the 6th April it traumatised me. A lady on here told me to take each day as it comes and that has really helped. I have had to get sleeping tablets as I was awake all night for daCherry blossom. The NHS have looked after me so well and they will you too. Don’t suffer in silence come on here the ladies have got me through dark times after my diagnosis. I’m still stressed but not as bad I’vCherry blossomstarted having scans for surgery and am seeing my consultant again next week. Please message me if you want to talk and I wish you good luck and a full recovery. Please let us know how you get on.LiCherry blossom X Cherry blossomHeart

  • Thank you so much. The fact that there are people out there that understand makes me feel better and less alone. Thank you again.

  • We are all here for you Heart

  • Hi it’s you’re blog that I was reading and started me off writing down my thoughts. I get up at 6am to walk my dog and recently due to not sleeping my alarm goes off and I just want to roll over but I remember you’re words and think no keep busy keep doing what you do. 

  • Wow  I have just joined this group have been diagnosed on Thursday!!! And reading what we all experiencing is a big help. This is the most scary time of my life. I have MRI and PET scan next week and the not knowing is hard.  i to am imagining the worse with every ache and pain thinking it’s spread!!! As I have a hip pain for a while !! But will use this thread regularly as think it will be a great help on this unknown journey ahead that we all face!! It’s good to know we are not alone xxxxx

  • We are the Thursday gals! I agree it's the scariest time and my heart is with you. The not knowing is the hard part definitely as its hard to stop your mind racing to really dark thoughts. Please let us know how you get on with PET and MRI. Mine have not been scheduled yet but seeing consultant on 28th. The breast cancer nurse I saw said there are always treatment options which I found helpful to hear.