DCIS (low grade) and Mastectomy

Hello Wave I was diagnosed with low grade DCIS last month after being referred to the breast clinic for something else, which turned out to be normal. The DCIS was picked up in a mammogram followed by an ultrasound and 2 biopsies. It's in 2 areas of my right breast (no measurements have been quoted). As I'm on the small side (32B), I've been advised that the measurements and the breast volume will not allow for a lumpectomy and so a mastectomy is the only option. I'm now trying to decide what to do about reconstruction..I'd initially thought I would have an implant but on further discussions with the surgeon and breast nurse, I'm now thinking I may delay this, get over the surgery, recuperation and review it at a later date. I'm just interested to know what others have done about reconstruction in the hope it will help me come to a decision over the weekend. I'm 50 by the way, active, fit and healthy other than this. Thanks in advance xx

  • Hi Lisa 

    Good luck with your appointment today. Let me know how it goes. 

    OMG 7 young boys running around you must be crazy. Rather you than me. No Im sure they will have a fantastic time and you will enjoy the fact that your son is getting to enjoy his birthday. You may need either a stiff drink or an early night???

    I am still in a lot of pain and taking paracetamol still. It’s still so so tight and uncomfortable. I rang the CN yesterday and she said it is still early days. I am going tomorrow for a check up more peace of mind for me as worried there may be a build up of fluid.

    I do work. Since Covid I have mostly been working from home. I do 4 days, I am on the computer all day and I mostly use my right had and it’s my right breast that had the cancer so I have a sick note until 21 June . I’m starting to get bored now. I’m not going to undo what has been done though. I’m never off work. 

    Enjoy this lovely weather.

    Take care sending love and hugs. Debbiexx

  • Hi Debbie, apologies...again See no evil what a week!! Yes, I was bonkers having 7 children in the garden, all age 8 so full on! I paid the price over rhe weekend as it floored me! But he had an amazing time so thats the main thing! 

    I feel I've really turned a corner this week. On Monday gone, I was 4 weeks post op, all discomfort gone, implant seems more settled albeit a little bumpy in places and my arm movement is about 99% there. I've not really had any pain as such, more soreness and odd sensations so it would seem I've bounced back quite well! 

    Driving again has been a blessing and I've started working more this week, just from home and I think I'll head back in the next week or so.  I'm self employed so no pressure as such as I've got help with my little business through the summer. I work with my husband too (how we're still married I don't know!!!) so I'll just take it slowly. 

    I've gone bra free for the first time this week, the warmer weather was making me quite itchy! It wasn't as bad as I'd expected!  My BC nurse has suggested bio oil to help my scar heal (it's only a small vertical scar surpsiny) so I've started using that and I have a lymphodema clinic to go to on a couple of weeks. All good on that front but it's routine follow up after breast surgery. 

    Still have the odd down moments but only when I see myself in the mirror, I think it'll take a while to adjust to the physical change fully. 

    Hope you're doing OK and sending love and hugs.  Best wishes, Lisa xx

  • Hi Lisa

    As long as our children are happy we are happy even though you paid for it all weekend. 

    Im so pleased that you have turned a corner and you feel more comfortable and experiencing no pain. I was trying to explain to my Line Manager what my boob felt like. I think it’s like when you have a baby and  your milk comes in or when your breast feeding and you know when baby is due a feed as your boob goes hard. I bet you think I’m crackers?? 

    I had fluid drained from my boob last week and had a good chat with the cancer nurse. The last couple of days I have felt the same as you. I think I have over done it today. I have started to drive too, Don’t have to rely on everyone now. 

    You must be a perfect match for each other. Yes dont over do it work wise. 

    I might get some bio oil. No one has mentioned anything to me and I have no more follow ups which I am surprised about. Seems like a neat job was done which is fab.  I think coming to terms with the new boob will take some time. In this heat I Disappointedve a few spots on mine but haven’t gone bra less yet. I find after showering and drying my hair I’m ready to put my bra on. Still sleeping on my back. Disappointed

    I feel let down by some of my friends. Physically I’m on the mend emotionally it’s tough. We have to be kind to ourselves it’s still early days, 

    Im having my granddaughter tomorrow for a few hours and then getting my second Covid jab on Sunday, 

    Have a great weekend. 

    Take care sending love and hugs.  Debbiexx

  • Hi Debbie 

    Ahhh you're not crackers!! I totally  understand what you mean as I described the milk coming in feeling to my nurse and to anyone who asked how my boob felt, I couldn't think of another way to describe it! Back sleeping here too! 

    Oh gosh, fluid drained, is everything OK? I didn't know about the lymphodema clinic until I received my letter. I wasn't going to go, feeling I was taking someone's place as my arm is fine but thought best to attend, educate myself incase anything crops up in the future.

    My implant is quite lumpy in places and I wonder if it'll ever look OK. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the size, shape etc but it's so bumpy in places. I've been told it can take at least 6 months to settle in.

    Oh that's a shame on the friend front, especially at a time when you've needed them the most. I've had support pre and post op from family and my close circle of friends. Not many people were aware of my situation however people's kindness has been quite overwhelming. Nobody fully understands though and as you heal and time moves on, people think oh, she's OK now...but inside, emotionally, it's not always the case.  

    Hope your 2nd jab went well yesterday and you're not experiencing too many side effects. 

    Sending my love and best wishes, Lisa xx