DCIS (low grade) and Mastectomy

Hello Wave I was diagnosed with low grade DCIS last month after being referred to the breast clinic for something else, which turned out to be normal. The DCIS was picked up in a mammogram followed by an ultrasound and 2 biopsies. It's in 2 areas of my right breast (no measurements have been quoted). As I'm on the small side (32B), I've been advised that the measurements and the breast volume will not allow for a lumpectomy and so a mastectomy is the only option. I'm now trying to decide what to do about reconstruction..I'd initially thought I would have an implant but on further discussions with the surgeon and breast nurse, I'm now thinking I may delay this, get over the surgery, recuperation and review it at a later date. I'm just interested to know what others have done about reconstruction in the hope it will help me come to a decision over the weekend. I'm 50 by the way, active, fit and healthy other than this. Thanks in advance xx

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    I've not had a mastectomy, so can't assist specifically.  However, I had an 8cm lumpectomy (38D, so enough to cope with), but it wasn't until a couple of hours before the operation that I was told that I'd definitely be left with a dent in my breast.  I wasn't offered reconstruction then  (it's been nearly 4 years now) and I was 51 at the time.  If I'd known, I would have wanted something to fill in the dent at the time.  There's no way now I'd want to undergo more surgery.  It took about a year before my breast stopped hurting when lifting my shopping, for instance. and I wouldn't want to have to go through it all again!  But if they'd suggested something could have been done at the time - I'd have jumped at the chance!  I was told on my sign off from my BC nurse when I asked, that I could have reconstructive surgery if I wanted - but that was far too late in my mind.

    The other thing that has happened since is Covid.  The huge backlogs for the NHS might have an impact.  If and when you do want reconstructive surgery - could you get in at the time you're ready?  Something to question, maybe?

    Hopefully others who've had this decision to make can pop on and help you out, but  I hope this helps a little in the meantime.

    Kindest wishes, Lesley

  • Hi . I take it you a fellow Welshie !  I had lumpectomy for my DCIS - 11mm .  I have small sent you'd never notice.  I'm a G cup though.  I think you need to know extent of DCIS - you can ring & ask or ask your GP if they've had a copy I'd your diagnosis.  I agree with Lesley that if possible avoid multiple operations and have immediate reconstruction if you want a reconstruction.  Not all women do so don't feel forced into it xx

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  • Hi,

    • I was diagnosed on 18 March with Invasive ductal breast cancer. Lump is 25mm to 40mm. I’m a 34C and given the lump is at the top of my boob the said a lumpectomy would leave me flat at the top with a boob at the bottom. I have opted for a mastectomy with a reconstruction straight away and I can keep my nipple. My operation is 5 May. There is so much information thrown at you that it’s hard to know what to do for the best and the you google things and become more confused. I hope this is the right decision I am making. Reading comments on here everyones journey seems to be so different . They said they can’t stage or grade mine until after my operation? I’m sure you will reach the best decision for you. Take carexx
  • Ladies, thank you for your replies (Grogg - yes a fellow Welshie!). It is all so confusing, I feel I have to push for information and what the surgeon says differs to what the breast nurse says. I come away, Google what we've discussed then have more questions. I wish they would just tell me everything, good or bad in bullet points so I can make an jnformed decision. Going to my appointment this week, I was set on an immediate reconstruction but the surgeon was quite negative about it, telling me all the downsides, the nurse said different! Where my head is now, is whether to have an immediate reconstruction or delay it and see how I feel. Whilst I'm only small busted, your boobs are part of your identity aren't they. It's so hard to know what to do for the best! Thank you again, Lisa x

  • We all seem to have different experiences. My consultant was positive about me having a  reconstruction straight away. For me I thought I may as well have the operation straight away as not sure if I could go through having another operation and they seem to be more complex if you wait, that’s just what I have read. I am new on this journey so what do I know really. Absolutely agree about our boobs. I’m pleased to be getting rid of the cancer and at the moment they are saying scans on my lymph glands look ok. Your head will be spinning. I have said a few times in my appointments that you are the experts abc deal with this all the time and what do you advise. They want you to make that decision which I think is the hardest thing to do. Try to have some time not thinking about it as you drive yourself crazy, Here with you on this journey. Xx

  • I'd take BCN advice if you in Singleton hospital !

    Nov 2020 - 5 year NEDDY (no evidence of disease)
  • Hey, how did your op go today? Hope it went well and you're doing OK. My op is 10th May, decided on immediate reconstruction. Just want to get it over and done with now! Sending best wishes to you, Lisa xx

  • Hi Lisa

    I am home after my operation. All went well. .I was dreading having the drain in as I don’t like blood but it’s ok you just have to remember it’s attached to you. Bruised which is to be expected and the boob feels tight but pain is kept under control. For me I’m pleased I went for immediate reconstruction as I’m not sure that I could go through with another operation but that’s just me and that isn’t the option for everyone. I got the M & S post surgery full cup bra which is really comfy. I get where you are coming from I felt exactly the same. Not long to wait now. Try to keep busy. Thanks for your support. I’ll be thinking of you and if you want to ask me anything I will be more than happy to answer anything. Sending hugs. Debbiexx

  • Hi Debbie, so glad your op went well and you're on the road to recovery. I totally agree with you on the immediate reconstruction, it gets it all done in one go and avoids further big surgery. I had my op this morning, back home this evening with 2 drains in and an Avelle wound pump (it's constantly buzzing so I think there is a fault or air leak from the dressing so will have to call the breast team tomrrow). Have you had one of these? The drains are going to take some getting used to and I'm just taking paracetamol and Ibuprofen at the moment. So glad it's done, my anxiety was horrendous this morning! Sending love and best wishes to you.  Lisa xxx

  • Hi Lisa,

    I was thinking of you yesterday snd  so pleased to hear that you are home. I stayed  in overnight as I’m not normally great with anaesthetic and came home with just 1 drain in. I’ve not heard of an Avelle wound pump. I would ring the Cancer Nurse about it, my Cancer nurse has been great.. I wasn’t sure if my drain was working so had to ring about that on Friday night. I’ve named her Darcey the Drain and she can be a pain but you soon get use to it. They have given me codeine which made me feel dizzy and sickly so take that on a night before bed. I’m not sure paracetamol and ibuprofen would have been enough for me. Did they give you a cushion to rest your arm on?iTake one day at a time and listen to your body. The operation is all over now so that’s done. I find having to rely on people the hardest but it’s just short term. The dog hairs on the rug are driving me mad and the kitchens a mess but you have to ignore it. My hubby definitely needs L plates for his nursing duties. Take care and keep in touch. Xx