Newly diagnosed invasive lobular

Had another meeting with my consultant today after mammogram/ultrasound/MRI.  I have a 13x19mm invasive lobular cancer.  Had a core biopsy today and will get the results of that in 2 weeks.  Then we will have a treatment programme.  

The waiting between appointments and scans is very hard.

Also the knowledge that I didn't go to my GP for months after finding the asymmetry - I dismissed it as ageing (I'm 60).  

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and feel part of a sisterhood.

  • Hello speckled frog, I’m new to this and struggling with the technology! I am 70 and was picked up on my last breast screening. Yes, waiting is awful. Keep in touch.

  • Hi Speckled Frog,

    The waiting is definitely the hardest part as the uncertainty makes your mind go to all different places. I’d advise you not to Google!

    Did you have a full body MRI or just a breast one?

    I would try not to beat yourself up about not going sooner. I’ve had those thoughts too although my kind of cancer is usually only found when it’s locally advanced. 

    2 weeks is a very long time to wait. They told me after ultra sound as I had skin thickening and abnormal lymph nodes so didn’t have to wait for biopsy results. Sounds to me like they’ve caught yours earlier, although obviously I can’t know that. Have a look at my profile if you want a better idea.

    I felt so much better after I had my CT scan (to check for distant spread, thankfully none) and then got my treatment plan. I know you’ve a wait until that point but then you’ll feel much more in control.

    Have you tried the BreastCancetNow website. They can put you in touch with someone who has been in a similar situation to you that you can have a chat with.

    Wishing you all the best for your biopsy results and treatment plan.

    Bluebell xx

  • Thank you so much for replying.  I had a breast-only MRI which gave them the size.  Waiting on the core biopsy to be told whether it's hormone responsive but the consultant is expecting it to be so she said no chemo.  She's expecting to do an incisional biopsy or go straight to lumpectomy, so either way the next step is the knife!  Thanks for your advice, I'm so glad yours hasn't spread, that's very comforting. xx

  • Hi Speckledfrog,

    It will be great if you don’t have to have chemo. Saying that I’m getting my 3rd one just now, and although I’ve been very tired for a week or so, it’s not been so bad. I’ll be getting surgery after chemo.

    The thought of surgery is a bit daunting but hopefully yours will go well.

    Bluebell xx

  • Hi I had my core biopsy 3 weeks ago stage 1 and  got my op 4th May to remove the cancer and  lympoedema then radiotherapy 2 weeks after it was my first mammogram 

  • Stage 1 sounds very treatable, I hope your op goes well - please could you keep us updatedD

  • Thank you.  I hope you continue to cope with the chemo.  Does it feel positive to be able to be proactive in your own treatment?  I think I will feel better once I start having treatment as I'll feel I'm doing something, if that makes sense.

  • I'm new to online forums too, they're a whole different way of meeting people!  I'm so glad you had that screening xx

  • I will hope you all keep safe  and stay strong HeartHeart

  • It most definitely feels positive when you have your treatment plan and you do feel that you’re being pro-active.

    I decided to change my diet by introducing more fruit and veg and cutting out some processed food. I also took up Zoom Yoga, via our local Maggies centre. This helped me feel I was ‘doing something’. I’m hoping this will help me physically but, even if not,It’s definitely helped psychologically.

    Bluebell xx