Secondary breast cancer in spine


I had a mastectomy and lumpectomy in 2010.  The cancer returned again in 2016 first in my chest wall and now in my spine.  I feel so lucky that I have managed to keep going as this type of cancer is not treatable.

However, like many other cancer patients it has been very hard to cope with my condition during this awful pandemic.  Right now I feel that my mental health is suffering and the pain in my spine is increasing.  Until October last year I was getting a Denosumab injection every four weeks but these have obviously been put on hold until the local chemo unit can cope.

 I suppose I am feeling a bit lost and forgotten .  Does anyone else feel the same?

  • Hi

    I've got secondaries in my spine too and I get a Denosumab injection every month. The only time mine was put on hold was last year when I missed out on two injections - had the one in early March, missed April and May and then they started up again in late June. I was panicking at first but someone on here who was having the same thing had hers every 3 months, so I reckoned that waiting that long was okay. However, you've been waiting much longer than that, and if it was me I would also be thinking that I'd been forgotten about. You are also getting more pain. If you have a breast care nurse, contact her urgently and explain and ask when you can expect to start them again. Or try your consultant, or the chemo unit where you usually have them. My chemo unit has been working more or less normally for ages now.

    Take care and start questioning why you're not getting your treatment