Hi my names Dawn I was diagnosed with breast cancer HER2 on the 2nd of March.  I started my chemotherapy on the 29th of March. I'm a nurse and work in the emergency department.  I've stayed away from any information other than that I have been given and now feel like I'm ready to speak to others going the same as me. I'm always the strong one for everyone, always the one everyone comes to for advise so coping with this has been difficult and actually showing my weaknesses.  I live alone after I left my partner of 29 years in October and was just setting out on a new adventure on my own. 

I really trying hard to get through one day at a time a week ago I just cut all my hair off one night on my own and cried afterwards. I have so many emotions running around in my head that I actually feel like I'm going crazy at times. 

I want to join the group to get support but also to support others as that's just who I am. 

  • Hi Dawnalba

    Welcome to the forum, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of support from here. You’ve been through a lot of changes in the past few months. Are you off sick from work too?

    I was diagnosed with HER2 positive cancer at the beginning of February and will have my 3rd chemo tomorrow. I don’t know how much help I can be as I’ve only just started my journey too.

    I’ve contacted my local Maggies centre and have been to a few relaxation classes and am doing their Zoom yoga sessions. I’ve been thinking of asking about counselling as I’m starting to think it might be beneficial. I’ve also applied for a McMillan phone buddy. Breast cancer now have a service that puts you in touch with someone who has a similar diagnosis to you.

    I was a single parent for a number of years, after separating from my husband, so felt I was always the strong one. I still feel I have that role with my, now adult, children. I think it’s fine to be ‘strong’ most of the time but I don’t think we can manage it all of the time. It’s a lot to go through and there are probably going to be set backs along the way. 

    You’ve said you want to support others, which I understand as it’s something you’ve done your whole adult life. Sometimes we need to put ourselves first though. And yes, recognise that we need the support now.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel though. 

    Bluebell xx

  • Hi thank you for messaging me, how are you finding  your chemo , as I've actually been ok x im pretty tough apart from feeling tired im doing ok. I'm just waiting for my hair to fall out now x also living on your own u have to be motivated to do things so I find that helps me. 

    Yes I'm off sick from work which I really miss x but everyone I work  have been amazing x I have no family just my son who is 23 who stayed with his dad when I left as I just walked out and had no where to go x but we are very close so we talk everyday x 

    I've just signed up for support through front line its for NHS staff etc and they are calling me tomorrow x I'm actually not sure what support I need if I'm honest because I'm just not used to asking for itx 

    I have lots of worries financial, physical and long term but im trying to take one day at a timex 

    Hope to hear from u soon and I love your name on here as bluebells are one of my favourite flowers they remind me of my childhood

    Take care 


  • Hi Dawn,

    Bluebells are my favourite too! Always great to see them in the spring.

    I’ve not been too bad with the 2 EC chemos I’ve already had. Just, mostly, very tired for the first week or so. Actually felt better after my 2nd chemo. I am changing to Docetaxel and anti HER2 + pertuzumab and trastuzumab (types of Herceptin I think) tomorrow so will have to see how that goes.

    It’s great that you’re getting a call tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll be able to point you in some helpful directions.  I’m usually not very good at asking for help either but I think this is going to be an emotional roller coaster so I’m actively seeking all the support I can get. I’m also doing yoga and (trying to do) meditation. 

    I’m fine with not being at work but it is very strange at times. I’m keeping up with lots of colleagues so that’s great. You must be missing it a lot too, work does become such a big part of our lives! I’m on full sick pay from work but this will change before I’ve finished my treatment so I’ve applied for PIP (which you can still get even if you work full time). Advisors from MacMillian can help with financial matters too. I’ll not very up on all that!

    I’m paying my neighbour to clean my house for a few hours a week. The hover sat in the corner for about a week as I didn’t have the energy to finish what I’d started. My neighbour is a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning so that helps Joy

    Nearly all my hair came out after my first chemo. I know this upsets a lot of people but I’m not too bothered. A few people have said I suit a baldy head! I got a lovely wig on prescription (I wore it yesterday) and my bamboo headscarves are good.

    Wishing you all the best and hope you get a positive outcome from your phone call.

    Bluebell xx

  • https://community.macmillan.org.uk/cancer_types/chat-breast-cancer/f/questions-about-diagnosis-and-treatment/210933/feb-march-april-2021-breast-cancer-chemo

    Hi Dawn,

    Hope you’re feeling OK today. Here is a link to a thread I’m finding useful in this forum. Hope it helps.

    Bluebell xx

  • Hi Dawn,

    I’m also HER2 positive, diagnosed at the end of February and had my first EC on 18th March. Side effects for me have been a bit rough and I’ve just had my second treatment delayed because my white blood count is low, but hopefully this will be better managed next time so I’m hopeful it should be a bit easier next time.

    My hair is gone and I have lots of proper bald spots now. I am really struggling emotionally though and like Bluebell I think I’ll try to find some counselling help. 

    I have two kids at home and live with my husband, but the relationship isn’t great and I was planning my get out and start again before this happened. Now I feel like I’m in limbo and unsure about how things will go in future. 

    Anyway, this turned into a moan! I hope you’re ok and can find some help. Happy to chat any time.

    Ruby xx

  • Hi Ruby 

    I don't care if you moan at all please feel free.  My phone call was good thank you I have 12 weeks of therapy / support free with front line and im feeling positive. 

    Do u want to talk about how u are feeling im more than happy to listen. I'm on day 11 of my first cycle of chemo and still have my hair but im sure not for much longer.  But I've now realised it really doesn't matter x I cut it all off one night on my own and cried after but that was the old me the new me will have a more funky hair style next time lol

    Dont give up on you that's all I can say. You may still be in the situation at home at the moment but after this is over and you are at the top of that mountain Mountain Weare both climbing then you can start and live the life you want x 

    Please contact me any time 

    Take care Dawn xx

  • Hi

    Phone call was very positive thank you , how are u feeling today? 

    You said you lost your hair after first chemo was that after the first week or after ?

    My friend has been round today and has cut my lawn and done some gardening for me bless her and it was nice to see her.

    I think after speaking to the therapist today I actually learnt alot about myself and that I'm actually doing ok. 

    As I said before I'm not one to ask for help or seek it out but I would really recommend it because you are still in control its just a good way to learn more about yourself . 

    Contact me whenever you want to please would be really nice to stay in touch x

    Dawn x

  • Hi Dawnalba

    Glad you came here for support it's so comforting to speak to people who are at the same stage as you.  I just want you to know that it will be over soon. I had 6 rounds of chemo every three weeks ,finished my last one the end of January and couldn't belive how quick it went although it wasn't all plain sailing it is doable.  I started to lose my hair on the second round but on the fourth round I changed to Docetaxel and my hair started growing back now my hair has grown to a buzz cut. Any questions please feel free to ask xx


  • Hi Dawnalba,

    So glad that your therapy was positive. Sometime it just helps talking to someone and it’s not always best when it’s someone close to you especially when you’re trying to protect them. I’m definitely going to look into it.

    I’m feeling a bit tired but not too bad. No adverse reaction from the Herceptins or Docetaxel. Shouldn’t take so long next time as the first Herceptin infused over an hour and a half but it will be over half an hour next time. Went for a wee walk before dinner as apparently the dexamethasone can push your blood glucose up. It’s making me very thirst and I’m peeing for Britain. Exercise is supposed to help. I do feel better.

    My hair came out in the second and third week after my 1st chemo.Nearly all gone before my second chemo.Everyone is different though.

    It was good that your friend came round and you got a bit of your garden done. Would have been lovely to see her.

    I’ll definitely keep in touch.

    Bluebell xx