ER positive, HER2 negative newly diagnosed

Hello everyone, Ive just been recently diagnosed with estrogen positive, HER2 negative breast cancer at 35y.o 

Im still awaiting date of surgery and very anxious and scared.  Just wanted to see if anyone has the same diagnosis and if you can share your experience pls especially post surgery treatments. 

Thank you in advance xx

  • Hi , Just to reassure you that the Radiotherapy will not be as bad as you are thinking it will be . How many sessions are you having ? It is all tailored for you as an individual and usually takes longer to position you very carefully than for the actual treatment itself. Do moisturise your skin as suggested by your radiotherapy team - mine provided a recommended cream which I used as directed during and after the treatment. Drink lots of fluids - they really do help . Go for soft ,nonrestrictive clothing made of cotton if possible and wear a  bra if it is suggested for you. I am well endowed and wore a bra before and after the treatment- tucking an old very soft hankie between the underside of my breast and the bra band to prevent friction. Continue with the arm and shoulder exercises as before.  I hope this helps a little and I too felt that I needed to give myself every chance that it wouldn't return.
    Sending hugs Kwissy xx

  • Hi Jane

    I’m so sorry about your diagnosis. Please try to not feel scared. You will be okay, promise. 

    I was diagnosed last March with ER+ PR+ HER2- invasive stage 3 breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and total lymph node clearance as a day case in April last year. I had chemo and radiotherapy all within 6 months of diagnosis. I have now finished all active treatment snd am taking tamoxifen. 

    I know you must be feeling really overwhelmed right now. Just take it one day at a time. I started a blog on Instagram and it really helped me connect with others going through this. Xxx

  • Hello, thanks for your message, really appreciated.

    Good news that you are having your treatment and are getting through it well. 

    I wish you a speedy recovery and all the best to you. 

    Let me know how the radiotherapy goes for you x

  • Hello Jane. I got the same diagnosis as you in December at 41yrs old. Because of the size, 75mm, I had a mastectomy in January with a lymph node biopsy and at the same time had a temporary expandable implant because they recommended to me to wait for full reconstruction until after all treatment.  I recovered quite quickly from the surgery,  as mentioned already on this thread the lymph node site is the most uncomfortable afterwards and takes a few weeks to get full arm movement back. 

    Fortunately I got the all clear on the lymph nodes and margins. Now I'm waiting for the results on an oncotype DX test before the consultant will decide on chemo / radiotherapy.  I have to say the waiting is the worst part and not feeling in control. But you just have to stay positive and know they want to make the right decision for you. 

    I hope you get your surgery date soon xx 

  • Hello Jane34

    I seem very similar to you, I was diagnosed ER+ HER- in December and I am aged 38. I had a mastectomy in Jan with some nodes taken too, luckily my nodes came back all negative. I am currently waiting my Prosigna results to find out if I will benefit from Chemo. I see my Oncologist this week for these. With the mastectomy op I was out of hospital same day and only took paracetamol for a few days, it was certainly no where near as bad as I thought it would be. As already said make sure you do your exercises. The most annoying thing I found was the drain I had which meant I had to carry a bottle around with me for 5 days, no pain just annoying was pleased when that was removed! The waiting is the hardest and the best advice I can give you is try and stay positive and keep busy. Xxx

  • @Bilko19 Like Kwissy want to reassure you that radiotherapy isn't that bad.  I started a 5 day intensive session yesterday and other than a bit of swelling, redness and barely noticeable minor stinging pains on occasion it's been absolutely fine.  I haven't minded it at all.  Just thinking about what it's doing to any leftover cancer cells is worth it for me.

    Not much more to add to what others have said.  Surgery wasn't scary, you go to sleep and wake up cancer free and on meds for the pain.  Make sure you do your exercises and it should all be fine.  Cancer is so treatable these days.  My story is on my bio just click on my name.  Wishing you all the best with your treatment.

  • Hello queen, Im glad you got through all your treatments.  Everything is still a shock for me at this point Disappointed thank you so much for your sharing your experience with us x 

  • Hello Sauvignon, yes the waiting part is the worst and just feeling down at the moment. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Let me know how the oncotype dx test result is xx 

  • Hello Loulou, diagnosed at an early age is a big shock to me Disappointed Im glad that your mastectomy operation went well. Let me know about your results and thank you for the advice and kind words xxx 

  • Hello Godwilling, thank you for the reassurance and kind words xx