ER positive, HER2 negative newly diagnosed

Hello everyone, Ive just been recently diagnosed with estrogen positive, HER2 negative breast cancer at 35y.o 

Im still awaiting date of surgery and very anxious and scared.  Just wanted to see if anyone has the same diagnosis and if you can share your experience pls especially post surgery treatments. 

Thank you in advance xx

  • Hi I have also been diagnosed recently with grade 2 ductal carcinoma oestrogen receptor positive.

    I have an appointment on 11th March to discuss the treatment. Going out of my mind with anxiety and worry

  • Hi JD, so sorry to hear about your diagnosis too. We will get through this, the waiting is making me lose my mind too Disappointed

  • Thank you and yes we will get through this and recover x

  • Hi,

    I was diagnosed just over 2 years ago with ER/PR positive, HER 2 neg 5CM tumour of which was 4.5cm Invasive and 0.5cm DCIS, I went on to have a mastectomy due to the tumour size in a small 32 breast, 2 micromets out of 4 nodes.  I was an utter mess, frightened and so anxious for quite some time, in fact I was stuck and couldn't seem to move forward, I did after many months and still remember how awful the feeling of fear and anxiety was.  The surgery itself was not as bad as I'd expected and I didn't have much pain in the mastectomy site, the node area was more painful and tight, I followed the exercises that they recommended and that helped.  I had RT and now on Femara and Bisphosphonates.  

    Wishing you all the best with your surgery.  

  • Hello, and Thank you for kind message.

    I appreciate you sharing your diagnosis and treatment. I hope you are well and have recovered x 

  • Hello all, I too was diagnosed in December with ER positive, HER2 neg. I had lumpectomy in January, have been on hormone treatment, Letrozole, for 4 weeks, and will be on for at least 5 years. Starting radiotherapy next week. 

    For me, I think the waiting was the worse time and I empathise with you. I had a great surgeon and my scars healed ok, did have some tightness and cording from lymph node scar, but didn't last long, did exercises religiously!

    I am not looking forward to radiotherapy,  did consider not having it, but decided I needed to give myself every chance it wouldn't return.

    The service from breast team and oncology dept has been amazing, I do feel very lucky really, in the grand scheme of things! This online community is a massive support too, information from others who have been there, done that, invaluable! All the very best to you xx

  • Hello, thank you for sharing with us your experience and am glad that you are feeling better with the exercises :)  can i ask if you had chemo? 

    • Hello thank you for the kind words, im glad that everyone has been treating you well.xx Im still waiting for my treatment plan and im also scared to have chemo (dont know if I will yet)  I will follow your advise and will also do my exercises if it all goes well x 
  • Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost 12 months ago - 9mm early disease and 9mm ductal cancer .ER positive ,Her2 negative. I had a lumpectomy and sinus lymph node removed at the end of April. My surgeon got clear margins and the lymph node was negative. I healed well and had 5 day Fast Forward Radiotherapy in June and now take Letrozole which I will be taking for at least 5 years. Been there and bought the t shirt  twice !   (see my history by clicking on my name if you wish.)
     The early stages in this roller coaster are definitely the worst , waiting for the referral, waiting for the test results and then waiting again for the start of treatment and all out of your control. IF you are found to have cancer please do not despair it is very treatable these days and the treatments are not as harsh as they were 20 years ago.I am sure others will be along to reassure you and answer your questions. The only silly question is the one that you don't ask - there is a wealth of knowledge and experience on here as well as many a giggle too. Take a look at some of the other threads on here and join in if you feel inclined. A good starting place is the AWAKE  thread which is there24/7 and often others are around at that time.
        Wishing you every one of you a swift journey with not too many bumps along the way. You will get through it all and find a strength you didn't know you had. Sending hugs to you all Kwissy xx

  • Hello Kwissy, thank you for the words of encouragement. I am glad you are doing better now. Im also glad that this community is able to share their experiences and makes me less anxious and more informed about my cancer. 

    All the best to you xx