Hey there. Have contacted Dr because of changes in my breast, so nothing confirmed, just worried. Hope I'm not intruding! X

  • Hi K88 welcome to the forum and you are never intruding in here as all are welcome and whilst we hope no one here needs to come here we are always glad that they find us as we can offer support and information and lots of hugs and understanding  for you and others as they navigate this journey.

    You have done exactly the right thing  in contacting the GP, have you got an appointment yet or still waiting  to hear back?

    They will most likely want to examine you and then if they are concerned they will do a referral for you to the Breast Clinic and  this is usually  a 2 week wait to be seen then take things from there. It will be  a worrying time for you as the not knowing is often worse than anything.

    Pleas do keep in touch and let us know how you are doing as we will be thinking of you. x

  • Thanks for your response!

    I have an appt Thursday morning with the GP so will see what she says. 

    I had a cyst that developed and a nipple inverted after the birth of my third baby almost 7 years ago and they said it could fill back up and so it's probably more likely its that than anything, but I've had redness and tenderness around the area recently, it's also larger than it has been in the past along with sharp pains in that area so  thought it best to get it looked at.

    I hope once I've been checked out I can say goodbye to this forum, in the nicest possibly way! X

  • This might sound weird but cancer doesn't normally cause pain or redness.  It is one of those devilish diseases that likes to hide.  Hopefully, you will find it is a cyst or infection which can be dealt with easily.  Fingers croseed for your appointment tomorrow.