To all ladies on Letrozole.......

Hi girls. I have been taking Letrozole for almost 2 years now. I have developed a love/hate with this drug. I love how it keeps me safe, but hate the sore joints it gives me. 

I have tamed the side effects with cod liver oil and glucosamine.

I recently bought my usual cod liver oil supplements from Holland and Barrett. I trust their quality. This time their best offer was cod liver oil with calcium. I thought I would give it a try..........IT IS MIRACULOUS!! The pain in my joints has stopped altogether!!

They should prescribe on the NHS!!

Hope this helps all you sufferers of side effects.

Love J xx

  • Thanks for sharing with the group ,it's good that we let each other know whatever helps.
  • Hi J, Thank you for letting us all know this. It is so good to hear about something that helps with the side effects!!! I am on Anastrozole and have woken up feeling older in spirit than my mum who's 90yrs. I have back pain when I wake each day and have difficulty standing up straight.i feel tired most of the time too. At work I need to get up frequently and walk around as ache so much. I'm 57 and cannot afford to retire until 67 or whenever the Local Authority makes me redundant in the next round of cuts in April 2015. I will give this a try! Does the CL Oil cause repeats as I have got a weaker stomach in terms of indigestion since taking these tablets in addition to all the rest. Thank you & glad you've got something there that helps! Regards Judith x
  • I'm definitely going to give this a go. I've been taking Letrozole since December 2012 and haven't got on well at all with it. I too have lower back pain which is much worse on waking up (improves a bit during the day). I think a lot depends on the brand of Letrozole too - my SE's are worse on the Cipla brand. I take cod liver oil, vitamin d and glucosamine but no calcium so fingers crossed this works for me too ! Will report back :) xx
  • Thanks for this tip, I remember having a daily spoonful of cod liver oil as a child! Just shows we are all different I find the CiPLA brand gives me very few side effects.
  • Hi J,

    Just a quick update,I have always taken fish oil but I added

    Calcium and the results have been fantastic,the pain is so minimal

    it's amazing.Thank you for sharing your great advise with us.

  • Hello Janet

    Can you get the calcium and cod liver oil from anywhere else, or  maybe get codliver oil and calcium separately.  Can you advise please.  My joints are a nightmare.  I take Vitamin D and B complex and a multi vitamin and mineral every day.

    Many thanks:)


  • Hi Heather,

    Yes I'm sure the supplements are widely available, in chemists and supermarkets for example. Both can be bought separately from each other...but I found out that it was the combination of the two that eased my pain! 

    So pleased that this has helped some of you.

    Take care

    Janet xx

  • I too have been on letrazole  for 2 years for secondary cancer, the side effects are awful with my joints, thanks for this am hoping to get some tomorrow and give it a go:)))))

  • My oncologist prescribed Adcal (calcium )with vitamin D with the anastrozole, as anastrozole can destroy calcium, I don't always take it as makes me constipated and when I had my scan I was told my joints are fine and shouldn't need it. Haven't noticed any difference in pain wether taking it or not.
    You should be able to get it on prescription.
    Will try cod liver oil.
  • Hello everyone- to anybody just finding out about this site, this is its joy and support.

    I only started on Letrazole one month ago, but having seen these postings I started almost immediately on the codliveroil and calcium- I have no real side effects. Just a very slight ache in my leg joints.

    So thank you all, and do as they say on Strictly