Positive margin

Hi. Has anyone had a positive margin that couldn't be improved due to the location of the cancer? Mine was in the upper area almost at the end of  breast tissue. Told no more breast tissue to take. Having radiotherapy and a boost to target the area. Was originally told by surgeon margin was clear. Spoke to oncologist to hear that was nit the case. Since then received a letter from surgeon stating the margin is positive for dcis. I had a tumour which after two mammograms 3 years apart was not seen on mammogram.  The dcis high grade was found when the operation started.  Feel a bit let down in having one letter stating margins are clear when in fact it was 0.0mm to dcis and positive. Anyone else had positive margin that couldn't be improved? Thanks 

  • Hi, I was not told anything about margins in my post op and histology follow up and then received a clinic letter that said lateral margin involved, deep margin clear.  It sent me into a right panic and still I have no idea of what it all means.  I have a list of questions to ask my oncologist on my next review.  Possibly mine margins couldn't be improved and that is why no further surgery has been suggested.

    I hope someone who has been through this can answer your questions?

    Take care x

  • Ladies, both of you need explanations given by your teams. I would call and ask for an appointment with your oncologists to go over all the information given, sort it all out, and have all the terms explained.

    More and more I see instances of the doctors not bothering to explain things thoroughly to their patients, so rather than try and fight the windmills I tend to think each of us should advocate for ourselves and not let go until we get all the explanations we want and deserve to have! If you don't feel you can stand up to the doctor then perhaps you can have someone on the phone with you during such an appointment to offer support and possibly speak on your behalf.