Lumpectomy pathology

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I had a two lumps found (by CT scan of lungs) in January. I had a biopsy and was told they were fibroadenoma. They were going to remove but with covid this was delayed until September (as I am CEV). So had a lumpectomy on 28th September. I was due my follow up appointment tomorrow. However, I had a call today to say my pathology hasn't been discussed yet and they moved it to next Friday. My husband is adamant that this is a bad sign. Does pathology normally take so long? Why do they need to discuss it? The surgeon did talk about 'diagnostic suprise'

  • I believe they only have a fixed time to discuss cases so it just might be you are non urgent so put to the bottom of pile x

    Nov 2020 - 5 year NEDDY (no evidence of disease)
  • Hi I had an auxiliary clearance on 30th September and was told that my results would take 3 weeks but they have to discuss it in their meeting which they have once a week. So it maybe that the pathology results came in after they had the meeting so it missed this week and therefore goes to next week. 

  • There’s a national shortage of pathology support so some tests are delayed, but it’s unlikely they’ve got it so wrong that waiting a few extra days will make any difference to your care. The waiting though… that’s the worst. I had to wait 15 days from my operation instead of the usual 10, but ultimately it doesn’t change things 

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    They need to discuss your case and results at an MDT, this is a meeting where their are different professionals involved and will include your Consultant, a breast Oncologist, Radiologist and a breast Nurse, no one professional can make decisions about an individual patient which is why they have an MDT and why they all discuss each case. The NICE guidelines state this should happen. It will benefit you as no one person is making the decision about your treatment. Diagnostic surprise, strange words but, it isn't unusual to get different results once  pathology has examined the specimen, either way good or bad.