Lumpectomy pathology

Hi sorry if this is not the right place.

I had a two lumps found (by CT scan of lungs) in January. I had a biopsy and was told they were fibroadenoma. They were going to remove but with covid this was delayed until September (as I am CEV). So had a lumpectomy on 28th September. I was due my follow up appointment tomorrow. However, I had a call today to say my pathology hasn't been discussed yet and they moved it to next Friday. My husband is adamant that this is a bad sign. Does pathology normally take so long? Why do they need to discuss it? The surgeon did talk about 'diagnostic suprise'

  • Hello Pickleickle, you'll find lots of friendly support here. When I had my lumpectomy the pathology report took about 2 weeks to be sent to the surgeon, and this then needed to be discussed at a multi-disciplinary team meeting (MDT). The MDT meetings are held once a week at my hospital, and this is where surgeons, oncologists and others involved in your care will discuss the pathology reports and any treatment plans (if further action/treatment is needed). It sounds as if your report is now going to be discussed at next week's MDT meeting, hence the week long delay, but it doesn't necessarily mean that this is a bad sign - sometimes it's just a case of too many reports to discuss so some have to be prioritised/carried over, or sometimes it could be that the reports were not received from pathology in time. Different hospitals will have different waiting times dependent on how busy their pathology labs are, how much has to be discussed at the weekly MDT meeting etc.  The waiting for results is hard but try to distract yourself between now and next Friday as much as you can, and easier said than done but don't assume the worse just because of the delay. Hope things go well for you next week x