Hi all. Thanks for having me. I'm in Ireland and I hope that it's OK to chat as the support over here is not great. I was diagnosed april 2020 with breast cancer the day ireland went into lock down and its been scary. I've 5 kids and I'm 46 and have no one to talk to about it as I'm still self isolating till my second vaccine. Medical team are great but not here in the wee hours when I stress about things. 

  • Welcome Stellah,

    I'm sorry I didn't see your message in the night.....I was awake too. You are always welcome. Next time you fancy a chat....try the Awake thread. Not every night but often some one is ' chatting' there. Early risers and late- nighters keep the thread moving on. Lots of laughs as well as empathy and when required serious discussion. I think you'll like it. It will give you the support you're  missing because of the pandemic.

    How are you feeling now? I see it's a year since your diagnosis. Do you have good news from a one year mammogram? Five children was hard work. I hope they have been old enough to help you a bit during treatment but I expect like so many of us, you didn't want to frighten them.

    It is nearly six years since my cancer was removed by a lumpectomy.  I had chemo and radiotherapy to help stop it coming back. It was TNBC. So far the treatment is working.............

    Hopefully your second vaccine isn't far away and you can get out. I've had two and it's a relief.

    I hope you are asleep now. Have a good day. Are you getting this beautiful weather? I hope so. The warmth and sunshine certainly help lift the spirits.

    Take care. Love Karen

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  • Your message warmed my heart. Thank you so much. I'm still on daily chemo tablets and awaiting results from a second biopsy due to another lump but I'm forever the optomist. My kids are late teens so a great help to me. Thank you for being there Karen. You have no idea how much your support means to me. Love fiona. 

  • Hi  and another warm welcome to the forum. As the lovely  has already recommended, do check out the Awake thread as there are often folk chatting there in the ‘wee sma’ hours’ when things always seem so much worse. Glad you’ve found your way here but sorry for the reason. Hopefully you’ll find lots of support and shared experiences. Doesn’t matter where you are as it’s all virtual anyway. I am mainly to be found on the Walking back to Happiness thread as walking has become my sanity saver. 

    Sending love and a big virtual hug your way, HFxx

    HappyFeet1 xx
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