I’m having a mastectomy and reconstruction straight away. Can anyone recommend the most comfortable or best bras to wear please. Xx

  • Hi

    I didn't have immediate reconstruction (see profile) and not sure what reconstruction you're having  but I found that initially my M&S front fastening bra very comfy (the one with pockets for prosthesis, though obviously you won't be using those), they're very soft.  After a while I transitioned to M&S sports bra (black, front fastening with zip) and still wear this regularly now one year post mx and 5 months post DIEP reconstruction.  I may have to start weaning myself off the latter soon a I have so many lovely bra's languishing in the forgotten part of my underwear drawer...and am at the stage where I think I could stand wearing a comfortable underwired bra...happy days!

    There are tonnes of suitable bra's out there & many ladies use primark & supermarket ones so have a look around.  

    Good luck with your op.


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  • Thanks for that. I have bought the front fastening one you suggested and it feels soft and is comfortable. Yes you will have to get those bras out saying that I am all for comfort, big knickers, comfy bra’s??

    Your secret works for me. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Xx