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A year ago today I had my right side mastectomy and just wanted to let others know that I think I'm coping really well. I'm used to my new body shape and I have used this latest lockdown to try to get fitter. I'm running for 32 minutes non stop 3 times a week and trying to increase each run. I'm just trying to put what has happened behind me and carry on living life. This is definitely the worst year in my life but I'm still staying positive and trying not to get down. I have my moments but mostly I'm ok. Have follow up call next week with surgeon, would have been nice to see him but best to be safe. Just wanted others to know that there is life after cancer and wish everyone the best on their journey. X

  • Glad you doing well but you putting us to shame with your running.  I'm happy if I can get my knickers on without  putting my back out. Rofl

    Nov 2020 - 5 year NEDDY (no evidence of disease)
  • Me too. I have back problems, but seems better now I'm more mobile. 

  • Gosh you are an inspiration! I'm currently in the midst of the" battle of the boob" and instead of getting fit I've hit the chocolate to comfort myself. I'm now hoping reading your message I will start walking daily and build up to a power walk, not sure jogging will be an option until I master walking fast, lol!

    Thanks for your positivity!

  • I too put on weight after my op but had a word with myself and began to try to get fitter. I'm 57 and never would have thought I would ever run but done the couch to 5k with a friend and am feeling the benefits. If I can do it anybody can. Struggled to run for 1 minute at first but now doing over half an hour. Good luck on your walking. Let me know how it goes bless ya. X

  • This is great to hear! I have started back couch to 5k and am determined to stay really active, as I was pre-diagnosis. I have rads coming up and then that is me finished treatment, hooray! I had chemo, then op and hoping rads will be a walk in the park compared to chemo. The docetaxel really affected my muscles and bloods were very low by that point so even walking up the road was a struggle. I can't say I'm feeling amazing back running, but it is good to be doing it. I finished chemo in mid January, operation in Feb. The exemestane is making my joints and muscles stiff, but they loosen off the more active I am. Hoping it will calm down as they can be very sore overnight. Are you on any hormone treatment? Hoping I get used to it!

  • I had a lumpectomy 7 years ago, 2 areas of pre cancerous cells removed followed by 15 days of radiotherapy. I found that ok, just a bit sore under boob but that was all. It's so quick. 

    I had masectomy on 7th April 2020 on same boob. No chemo as I was ER positive so was put on Letrozole for 10 years. Also on ad cal for bones and Alendronic Acid for oestopenia in spine which showed up on Dexa scan. To be fair I've always had back problem so maybe not letrozole that's causing it.

    Don't like taking all these pills but if it keeps me alive then hey ho.

    Keep on running and thanks for reply. Good luck with you treatment. Xx

  • Forgot to say how stiff I am when I get up for about 2 minutes. Like an old lady.

  • I am really stiff when I first get up too but like you, it wears off quickly and if a stay moving often then I'm fine.