One foot in front of the other kinda day

Hi all

Feeling a little low this morning, and i just feel the need to write it down...

I've had a good couple of weeks tbh, work has been really busy. i had surgery in January and my chemo does not start until the 11th March. So i have tried to get a little breathing space from breast cancer until i am forced to face it again before chemo...  I had a friend call last night to check in which is lovely and she has been greatly supportive as she has also been on the breast cancer journey and is 3 years in remission, i really dont know what i would have done without her. 

I did say i wanted a break from cancer talk but we started talking about chemo and she let me know the expectations to have and what i may have coming in detail...  am i being an awful friend to just not want to know about it all right now? i just want to have some time... i dont want to do these seriously in depth convos's .right now

i have now  laid awake since 3am very unsettled about what may come,  i have auditors in at work for the next 3 days which i have committed too dealing with so i really dont have time for these emotions to be popping in to my head, i need a little focus but im really questioning myself now

Have i over committed myself??

can i give 100%?

How can i live as much as a normal life as i possibly can during this treatment?

How am i going to manage?

So today i will get myself up, shower, put my face on and put one foot in front of the other until these emotions pass. Any professional advice guys would be gratefully received as i just need to get through the day.


  • Hi. I’m just finishing chemo. Last day today. I would say there are ups and downs. Main thing is to take it a day at a time and work with your employer if you need any further time off. There’s no point being a hero, you need to make sure you are well and can work through the treatment. That said I think work can be a good focus and can take your mind off things but you also need to look after you. You are the most precious in all of this. And there’s only one of you. And only you know how you feel and what you can manage. But it is manageable, people get through it and it’s ok. Good luck on your treatment. I think it’s a good idea to try and forget about it for a bit and face the treatment details when you are ready. And I know people mean well to share experiences but everybody deals with the treatment differently and every treatment plan is also very different. Nearer the time, let us know how you get on.