Differing HER2 Results from Different Technicians and Different Test Labs

I would like to tell you that you should not always accept what you are told by the so called experts as being true and accurate.  Initially I was diagnosed as HER2 positive the ICH test had me down as +2 Borderline so it went to FISH test and came back positive but I recall my oncologist mentioned the report said it was marginal.  Remember now you don't need chemo and you don't need Herceptin if you are HER2 negative.  I did my homework and discovered that it is commonplace to get different results from different technicians and different laboratories.  Consequently I asked for a HER2 retest using a different lab.  Lo and behold it came back ICH Borderline but FISH test negative.  Now because I was ER positive but HER2 negative I became eligible for the Oncotype DX test and that also confirmed I was HER2 negative.  If I had not pushed for the retest I would now be going through chemotherapy for 4 1/2 months with 3 weekly injections of Herceptin for 12 months and probably losing my hair all for absolutely no benefit whatsoever!"