It seems I'm a patient now!

But not a very patient one! 

I've at least got a diagnosis, it's invasive ductal cancer grade 2, but still small, oestrogen receptive but looks as if I might get away with the lymph nodes....and maybe not too much treatment afterwards? 

Complex plan, but to begin with, a sentinel node (plus another one or so) removal as day surgery, (a nuclear medicine visit first to get 'the jab' for them to trace) then a gap while that,  plus the HER result come back, then because of my previous surgeries for cysts and the fact one resulted in a massive haematoma, therefore scar tissue, I will have a complete mastectomy with an implant. That will be immediately after Easter. 

By finding out as much as possible beforehand, the surgeon hopes to prevent too many operations. Obviously I will then need Tamoxifen or similar, so will appreciate helpful advice about that. 

But I'd be interested on anyone's 'take' on her plan. I feel reassured that she took time with me, and the BC nurse afterwards spent a good while too. 

Hugs xxx

  • Glad hubs finally has a treatment plan , even if it’s more to maintain than to cure. And the referral to the hospice should mean much more responsive management of his medications with hopefully very little involvement of the GP practice, given their recent nonsense. Sorry it’s another week of waiting but sounds like things will move quickly from then. At long last! Love and hugs, HFxx

    HappyFeet1 xx
    Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. – Hopi
  • Although it is disappointing that this cancer can't be cured, this immunotherapy does seem to have quite a good success rate, doesn't it ? For extending life and making things more comfortable so time can actually be lived. There's a relatively young tv presenter who appears on morning programmes who has been having a similar treatment. Without it, she was told she would have died four years ago. As you say, it isn't a cure for her either but she feels confident she has managed to ' live life' because of it. I think her cancer is kidney but it might be liver. 

    Once you have more control of the nausea and reduced appetite you will hopefully be able to go for little trips away in your camper. The Cotswolds or Norfolk and Suffolk are not so far from you are they?

    I hope that you can both relax a bit more now that you feel you have support. What a good job you persisted Moomy......I managed to rejoin Macmillan just as you and your daughter put on your boxing gloves!

    I imagine you will have some difficult days to come as well as good ones and all those new memories you are going to make. 

    Always remember we have virtual ears to ' listen' if you need us . This may not be BC but I think you know you have friends here with some understanding of how you might be feeling. Don't  hesitate to use us.

    On the mouth ulcer front...I have a product called Pansoral which is first class. One rub and it's gone.

    And now start planning....two or three weeks from now, things might be very different.

    L9ve Karen

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  • So the 2 drugs are; Avelumab and Axitinib. 

    I just hope they work!

    Hugs xxx


  • I have my fingers crossed for very good results for Hubs and all your family.As you have often advised others take it all one step at a time and don't neglect to have a bit of "me " time along the way. The week waiting for the next appointment will give you all some much needed time to plan for the future and time for all of your close family (each in their own way ) to come to terms with the diagnosis now that you know the details. I hope that you will feel that you can share your problems with us and thus get some virtual support as Karen suggests. Thinking of you all -much love Kwissy

  • You lovely ladies have helped me so much along this awful route, thank you all from the bottom of my heart! 

    Hugs xxx


  • Hi good to see hubs has a plan at last. Fingers crossed the immunotherapy drugs do the trick and you have lots more time together. Good job you kept onto people. Hope you’re getting plenty of rest xx

    “ The only constant thing in life is change “

  • Soooo glad you have a treatment plan and a hospice referral for proper care at last Your GPsare rubbish, You did so well fighting your corner, and thus treatment will keep him going now. Sending love and hugs xxxxx

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • Today so far has been a much better day, hubs has eaten well and been awake till now (afternoon naps are permitted!). His nausea has been helped by - get him, fruit pastilles! 

    We’ve had an OT come round, a bath lift and perching stool will be supplied, she talked about a hospital bed but so far he’s not keen, as mattresses of course will be covered with washable material, which would make him sweaty! So far he’s coping. 

    Hospice at home will be coming next week too, they were very funny on the phone, glad for some humour. 

    It’s all happening!

    Hugs xxx


  • So glad things are getting organised well done you for all the pushing you've had to do

    Hope today is the start of a more relaxed period of time . 

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • Sadly the nausea has returned this evening. I just hope the meds do their stuff and he can cope with dinner, albeit a smaller helping. 
    hugs xxx