It seems I'm a patient now!

But not a very patient one! 

I've at least got a diagnosis, it's invasive ductal cancer grade 2, but still small, oestrogen receptive but looks as if I might get away with the lymph nodes....and maybe not too much treatment afterwards? 

Complex plan, but to begin with, a sentinel node (plus another one or so) removal as day surgery, (a nuclear medicine visit first to get 'the jab' for them to trace) then a gap while that,  plus the HER result come back, then because of my previous surgeries for cysts and the fact one resulted in a massive haematoma, therefore scar tissue, I will have a complete mastectomy with an implant. That will be immediately after Easter. 

By finding out as much as possible beforehand, the surgeon hopes to prevent too many operations. Obviously I will then need Tamoxifen or similar, so will appreciate helpful advice about that. 

But I'd be interested on anyone's 'take' on her plan. I feel reassured that she took time with me, and the BC nurse afterwards spent a good while too. 

Hugs xxx

  • All fixed! Bravo Green Flag! He simply forced the lock apart and then ensured it was a) filed to fit a bit better and b) well greased and c) fitted it back on!!!!!

    big relief all round, think I might sleep a bit better, I was patrolling the house by 3 am last night in a state of worry about it all.

    The Green Flag service, if any of you lovely souls need breakdown service, uses local garage experts rather than central folk and therefore can often reach you quicker and are, once they establish the problem, usually well geared up to help. We’ve used them ever since we first caravanned! I can certainly recommend them above the other 2 well known services! 

    hugs xxx


  • Ah so many problems, one after the other, and still not able to be together. Sending big hugs and lots of love xxx

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • And another bout of high potassium, bless him. I gather that may well indicate one or even both kidneys aren’t coping.....

    Son has just left here, his moral support while it was going on was lovely. 

    Now for a post-lunch nap over trashy tv.,,..

    Hugs xxx


  • And I must have slept for almost 2 hours. 
    just woke up! 

    Hugs xxx


  • Thank god for trashy TV . JoyRofl

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • Good news re the clamp, hooray for son and green flag! Also sounds good that hubbies n g tube might be gone soon, and he must have been thrilled to have a biscuit! Obviously not so good re the hypo and potassium levels, I wonder whether these might be more controllable once he’s allowed to eat more normally? I really hope you can get a better night’s sleep now that the van is sorted at least. So hard functioning when sleep deprived. Well done for the afternoon kip! 
    love and hugs, HFxxx

    HappyFeet1 xx
    Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. – Hopi
  • IBless you all for helping encourage me and supporting me through these weeks, you’re all so lovely....

    I spoke to a lovely junior doctor on the ward this late afternoon, hubs’ potassium levels are still a bit above the upper limit of 5.5 but the doctors just came to see him later, while we were on a Group FaceTime and explained that they were going to try a longer term treatment, but that patients with reduced kidney function often had to live with higher potassium levels than optimum, and that might just be him. I had told the junior doc that they should be being supported by Urology (and that they had admitted to me they were short staffed) 

    we finished our Group FaceTime by daughter asking if it was his way of getting out of eating broccoli (which is something he doesn’t like) and him retorting that at least he eats sprouts, (she has always hated them!) she roared with laughter and showed us a tray of  - halved sprouts! She bakes them till crispy and then tosses in honey, balsamic vinegar and olive oil! We all laughed so much, it cheered us all! 

    Oh and daughter has just landed a highly prestigious but not very well paid voiceover job! It’s an audio series.....not sure I’m allowed to say much more. But she’s now well into recording voiceover for a nature tv series which they are still aiming at a suitable market. 

    Hugs xxx


  • Glad to hear that you have all had a good laugh together, better than any medicine.! Good timing for the facetime seeing the doctors as well. Take it easy yourself and hopefully you can catch up on your sleep tonight. Sending further hugs xx Kwissy

  • And I slept! Had a mid- sleep waking when, yes I had a hot flush, but firmly talked myself into sleeping again, have had a good 7 hours. I slept about 1 1/2 on the sofa yesterday afternoon too. Feeling much more normal.

    I hope hubs hasn’t/isn’t having another hypo.....

    Hugs xxx


  • Sadly it seems hubs DID get hypos, early in the night too, they tried lots to get it sorted but had also given him a laxative (oh, on their own heads be it!) and he is very sore as a result! They are prescribing Anusol as a result. He managed very little sleep in consequence but had the N-G tube removed this morning! He’s also been doing the stairs with physio and passed (of course!) so if only his innards and blood sugars behave he might be home soon. 
    Hugs xxx