Walking back to Happiness

Well. Welcome to this thread.

You may be surprised why it is here or happy it is here. Then again: ‘You have got to be joking! Do you know what is wrong with me?’ may be your response.

This all began on the Extreme Fatigue thread. On there several people wanted and needed inspiration/incentive to get out and walk. Many people see the benefits of it in their life and to help on this; mad journey, train ride, rollercoaster ride and other positively rude words journey called Breast Cancer.

It is not a thread created to make anyone feel less than they do at present. It is not a thread that will set people against one another. Being competitive with yourself or a simple challenge to yourself is the point, but not a race against others is a key premis.

The idea is that you can do any of these or none:

  1. Post when you have walked.
  2. Post how many minutes you walked for.
  3. Post how you felt before, during or after. Or not at all.
  4. Post pictures from your walk, but ones that do not point to where you live.
  5. Post inspirational quotes, thoughts or comments.
  6. A simple like of people’s efforts is fine. No need to write an essay unless you feel the need.
  7. On a safety note. Do tell friends, family or the thread when you leave and return safely. Be aware of your personal safety at all times.


Well here goes.

Either it will grow and blossom, with lots of lovely people benefiting. Or I will have egg all over my face – not for the first time in my chequered life and career.

Leolady – may be adding in the odd gallop to my walks.

PS if you don't like us don't be cruel.

  • I agree   I’ve found the Active 10 app more achievable therefore more motivating . Love the fact that it adds the brisk steps cumulatively so when I slow down for Dexter to have a mooch and sniff as dogs do then it will count the minutes in total but brisk when I restart .

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • ..I love the banana…can I be her?

    I think I see the egret….and I agree with your post…come on my friend…get out for awhile and catch some rays…you will feel better for it.Sorry,bit Bossy…

    Very foggy today…or “froggy’.When the forecaster says “Frosty and Foggy”I keep waiting for her to say,’Fosty and Froggy”…I think she did once/…(little things….’)

    Well,am off to battle the frog.

    When I come back I have the challenge of my washing machine going tick tick tick on cycle,to deal with.Anyone got any ideas?Xxx

  • A little trip out to the coast today 

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • Beautiful, ! I’ve had a fairly lazy day here! Even fell asleep over afternoon tv! 
    Hugs xxx


  • Owww look at all these lovely photographs......

    , I love the Fruit Loops out walking..... I'd like to be the banana - slender, I am more like the avocado - with the big tummy, however, I feel I'll be the strawberry ..... 'plodding along' Laughing

    , I am so pleased you knew which type of bird was in the tree..... I would never of thought it was an egret ...... I was panicking thinking it was a white pigeon from a funeral release... so many get lost. Phew, I was going to say 'can you go back and look' arrrrghhh Hugging

    , owww to be beside the seaside, wow, this is where my heart is. When I was young we would holiday at Eastbourne and during the early evening we walk onto the Pier..... we would watch glassmakers inside a small type of kiosk; they would blow glass into beautiful figures, they were stunning, especially the seagulls with the way they would use plain simple pliers to crimp their wings.   Then there was a stall that sold Heart heart shaped 'badges/brooches made out of a type of plastic that looked like it was 'shell' and they had individual names on them... I reckon my mom still has mine about the house. Many, many happy memories ..... I won't mention the old lady that lived on the beach nor the many, many horse rides I coaxed my dad and mom to let me have - they were on a grassed area, I felt on top of the world Heart eyes

    , I will look into that app later tonight or tomorrow - I can surely give 'myself' 10 minutes of quality time - I know what you mean with 'doing more' - its the initial starting sometimes that can be the problem Walking 

    Thats me, off to have a look for the app - wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and ..... keep walking xxx

  • Lovely coastal pics . There’s nothing quite like sea air! 
     I hope the frog fight turned out well! We’ve had bright blue skies in last few days but a real pea souper this morning. Hope it clears as I’m Nordic walking later. Can’t help re washing machine, is it trying to tell you something?? 
    Yes , definitely a little egret, we see them a lot round here and there’s always one somewhere on the marshes where I took the photo. It was flying from tree to tree as I followed, stick legs trailing behind! Such elegant little birds but never get close as they’re much shyer than their bigger heron ‘cousins’. 
    Yesterday walked dog there again, lovely varied walk through woods, fields and marshes. Afternoon light was pretty. Love to all, HFxx 

    HappyFeet1 xx
    Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. – Hopi
  • What lovely photos here …It makes me feel it is summer!and …how lovely to be able to “pop down to the coast”perfect!

    I think my machine is better,Thankyou.

    On going out yesterday I was met with a pair of little eyes at another flat’s letter box,and a “Hello-o-o-o”.It is a little boy nearby and we have made firm friends now.His Mama sometimes let’s him play in the corridor and one day I opened the door to him looking up and saying”Hello-o-o-“(the way I say it to him)

    Here is a gate from the Hammer House of Horrors which I saw yesterday….

  • I’m very lucky where we live 10 mins one way is coast and the other way are the moors .

    My little town is an overgrown village which has over the years joined up with other villages . It was once the home of a

    of large chemical giant ICI . It’s a beautiful area with the advantage of not being too well known to tourists ..

    glad the washing machine has been sorted .

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • We did a proper walk today! Not over long.....5.5km....but up ....and up....and up....then down through the village where fortunately the café was open and home along the ancient track through the olive grove. The views were spectacular because you could see several levels of mountains in the distance. OH has to be a bit careful....type1 diabetes can mean his head is willing but his body doesn't obey! ( plus age is rushing on.)

    1. I