• Hope you are OK  xx

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!

  • Hey, , great idea! I googled ‘factory reset’ and found on the menu a ‘shipping condition’ which I’ve forced the tv to do, it then told me to switch off, I did so and it’s just gone through all the retuning menus, we will see what happens! Let’s face it, at 20+ years old I have had good use out of it, if it doesn’t work then I haven’t lost anything!

    So far so good, a great big ‘THANK YOU’ to 

    Hugs xxx


  • I too hope all is ok and you don’t ‘get hit’ by the virus

    Hugs xxx


  • Night night Fruit Loops, sleep well and stay safe,

    plenty of sleepy fairy dust for all who wish

    hugs xxx


  • One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • I am so pleased this worked, I was dreading reading this .... thinking it won't work at all and its my fault Joy

    Excellent news, it really is worth having a google with these things ..... just remembered my '30+ year old microwave' was another that I was able to fix via advice/tips from the internet.

    owwww and a seized sewing machine.... this I wished I'd video'd as it would of helped so many other people, it really would.  it was jammed solid, totally seized up and ...... I fixed it, I was at the point of 'I've nothing to loose'.

    We are thinking about you Helen,  and hoping you are safe.  

    My sister's husband, her son and a daughter have all come down with it following New Years Eve..... my money is on my niece bringing it home - she was the only one that went out for New Years Eve and the next day out for family walk in the country side.  My brother-in-law had no symptoms - he only found out whilst doing a test to allow him to visit his mom (I may of wrote this before, feels familiar, not sure if I wrote it or thought about writing it).

    Anyways dear Fruit Loops .... off to bed I go. 

    Wishing you all a Happy and Peaceful Sunday xxx

  • , I forgot to say.... I love your 'Good Night' photo.... I was looking at it and then all of a sudden the light went out....

    I always imagine a night lamp like this in a room with wooden paneling on the walls and a grand wooden staircase in the background - this is the room where I imagine all the Fruit Loops coming when they are on the awake thread - hence saying.... I'll leave the light on. 

    (okay so I now sound really mad ssshhhhh ) xxxx

  • Good morning to all you lovely people.

    Thank you for caring about me.   

    I am feeling fine and still testing negative at time of report xxx

    Have a good a day as possible xxxx

  • Good Morning Fruit Loops, I just wanted to pop on and say a HUGE…….

    for all my Birthday messages! I was very touched reading them all and they made me feel very Special!

    I had a lovely Birthday, ended up celebrating over 3 days which was lovely, but exhausting ! Today will definitely be a very quiet, lazy and probably sleepy day! Which is pretty much a normal day for me

    I have my 6 monthly scan in a couple of weeks so fingers firmly crossed I will continue to be a Stable Mable!! I’d like to say I’m not worrying about the scan/results as after this many years I should be used to it and be able to remain calm! However I suppose I sort of feel that as the years go by, my luck might run out eventually?! Surely my cancer can’t stay Stable forever! Although maybe it can Fingers crossed

    So how are you all doing?  good to hear you are still testing negative! Let’s hope it remains that way! Perhaps you have a natural immunity! 

    Wishing you all a Lovely Sunday. Have a good one whatever you are doing. Sending Love and Hugs to you all. Take Care. Sal xxxxxxx

    Stay Safe, Stay Alert and Stay Loopy Xxxx
  • Love that you had a birthday festival!! All the best for your scan xx