• Good morning......

    I hope all goes well today 

    Busy day for us as we are meeting girlfriend's family who live 700km away across in Nice but are going to be in our area. I've even washed the floor already! Next job....lunch prep. I'm hoping it will be dry enough to eat outside but at least I have a large table to spread five around if it's raining. 

    Take care everyone. Love Karen

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  • Thinking of you today. Sending big hugs Hugging 

  • Thinking of you both. Sending all my love. Hearts

  • So sorry the news wasn’t the best  but I hope the medications can make hubs comfortable and you can have much quality time and memory making.

    Hoping everyone with treatments is doing ok and those just starting out on their medical journey gets all the support they need.  good luck today x

    Huge hugs to each and everyone Heart

  • hope it goes ok today xx

  • Good morning All,

    Well i should have been at work but got it swopped to weekend. Reason is that I was awaiting call back from GP and appointment. My right axilla the site of the sentinel node biopsy is a bit swollen and uncomfortable. I am hoping it is a bit of lymphodema. But GP might send me to breast clinic for all the investigations. I have put it off and tried to ignore it, but you have to do the sensible thing and get it looked at. Bit of a worry but friut loops have been there done that and had the tee shirt. I feel better for writing and telling you all xxx

  • You’ve done best thing  hopefully a quick check will get you sorted and mind put back to rest, hugs xx

  • Morning ladies.

    Thank you for your support. The calmness is starting to waver a little....

    Should I be painting my nails before I go or is after ok?

    I read somewhere that dark nail varnish helps you keep your nails from discolouration and loss..... Can't find the post now xx

    Sarah.... Keep looking forward Two heartsCherry blossom

  • Good luck, the first is always the worst. Paint your nails if you want before but not absolutely necessary. Be sure to keep them painted while having chemo it does help. But ABSOLUTELY NO GELS.  Dark colours nit necessary you just need to protect your nails from sunlight.  Sue

    MIND OVER MATTER - I don't mind and what you think doesn't matter.
  • Well done , so hard to take the plunge. I know, I put off my bowel consult for a long time out of fear.....

    Good luck xxxx

    Onwards and flatwards (don't do hills) and keep walking if you can!