• Hi , thanks for asking. My sister is doing MUCH better. Still having wobbles but on the whole seems to be coping okay. We have booked up a little break away in the October Half term, obviously it will be dependent on life being back to some sort of normality. As well as that it’s mum and dads 50th Anniversary in June and we are booked up to go away. It’s only local but it’s a break away and time for us to celebrate their Special Day! 

    I’m very up and down at the moment. I’m sure it’s a mix of all the hormones and the being locked in with only my parents for company! Don’t get me wrong I love my parents, but sometimes I just want to see someone else and have a good chat and moan! But I’m coping and finding ways to let off steam!

    Hope you are getting on okay? Sending lots of Love your way. Sal xxx

    Stay Safe, Stay Alert and Stay Loopy Xxxx
  • So glad to hear you are both doing better.  Sounds like the breaks you have planned will do you the world of good.  

    It's been a long slog and it's affecting everyone to some extent.  Hopefully not much longer to go before things start to get back to normal.  Hang in there a little bit longer.

    Goodnight everyone I'm going to try and have an early (for me Joy) night .

    Hope you get to sleep soon LondonLass xx

  • Morning Fruit Loops;

    I really hope you’ve all been sleeping ok? And Sal/ I hope you’ve slept some more.......

    I’ve officially now been told to stay at home till 4th March; so what’s new? How often do I go out?!?!? (Answers on a postage stamp!) Yes we have both been incredibly careful, especially knowing we are at risk (age, health conditions) and have had supermarket deliveries since last March!

    Hubs yesterday texted the kids with ‘unclean, unclean’!!!!!

    I guess my Covid test will have to be collected to be sent back, now?!

    Hugs xxx 


  • Since my swap to Tamoxifen the hot flushes when waking have gradually been getting more intense. If that’s what you found, anyone, I’d be interested to know?

    Hugs xxx


  • Just a thought  do I recall you saying Hubby had had COVID vaccination recently? If so could that affect the test? Xx

    Stay Safe, Stay Alert and Stay Loopy Xxxx
  • Hi Sal, It was on January 22nd that we had our jabs so shouldn’t affect it....

    Who knows?! 
    Hugs xxx


  • Sorry to hear you are in the wars SeaSpirit! Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • Might have affected it The friends I was talking about getting positive test had to cancel her vaccine and wait 4 weeks . Might work the same in reverse Shrug tone2‍♀️

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !
  • Hi @moomy, I remember when I was on the ATAC trial 22 years ago the side effects were much more severe than the ones I am getting now with letrozole. But I was in the part of the trial where I had Tamoxifen and Arimidex (Anastrazole) together so this probably has a bearing on the outcome. My BCN at the time ( after the trial ended)seemed to infer that the Tamoxifen part of my medication was the culprit for the severe hot flushes.But who knows ?  I hope that given more time your hot flushes will get less intense, might be worth speaking to your BCN. Sending cooling hugs  xx Kwissy

  • Thanks , hard to know as I’m also incredibly tired with stress about hubs too! Will continue to monitor and chat with my surgeon, I’ve my annual appointment coming up next month anyway.

    Hugs cxx