Total pelvic exenteration

I had cervical cancer in 2012 and now have secondary cancer. I have been told I am looking at a pelvic exenteration. My first appointment is at The Royal Marsden tomorrow, I have 2 pages of questions for them but was wondering if there is anyone on here with their own experience’s of this and could maybe give me some idea what I’m looking at and what life would be like after.



  • Hi Dottie

    I am sorry that you are dealing with recurrence. I haven’t had the op myself but have met some ladies who have and who are doing very well post operation.

    These ladies are active on the advanced section of the Jos Trust forum so may be worth posting there for some support. Good luck for your appointment xx

  • Hi Dottie. I’m sorry to hear this. I haven’t any experience with this op but I’m sure on the Jos Trust forum there are a few ladies who have had this op. Give them a shout. Hope somebody can help. 
    Jo xx