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Post treatment- 4 months on

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My story in a nutshell

diagnosed 22nd Jan 2019 stage 2b early advanced squamous cell carcinoma 

28 external beam radiotherapy, 6 cisplatin chemotherapy and 3 brachytherapy.

Pretty lucky that I had hardly any side effects during treatment. 3 month PET/CT and MRI scans very positive showing only residual tumour with no concerns in July.

(returned to work 2 weeks after final brachytherapy)

3 weeks ago I started on Evorel Conti HRT...now suffering from tummy cramps, diarrhoea and shooting pains in abdomen. Will persevere as have noticed it’s helping my joints.

Being a model student using dilator 3 times a week. Not the most enjoyable experience but necessary.

all in all coping well, hate the dryness if you know what I mean it’s more noticeable but hoping HRT will help with this,

just wondering how everybody else is/was at this stage..

next MRI due early October 

keep smiling everyone xx

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Hi Murphy,

Ive had surgery for womb cancer but wanted to share my dryness solutions, in the hope that they can help, I have a moisturiser called hyalo femme which comes with an applicator to get it right to the top and it lasts a few days and makes things more comfortable. I've also got sylk for general use but it doesn't last as long. I'm two years after my op now and I don't need to use them as often as I used to, so hopefully things get better in time for you too.

edit - you can get HRT in some different forms, if you have patches you could ask to try the gel, if it's suitable for you.

lots of love