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New here... questions

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Hi everyone! I know this is such a sensitive subject and I hope it is ok that I am here to gain some insight and help. My periods have been very regular the past several years. Clockwork. I was due to get my period one day after flying across the country for work. It arrived. However, it lasted 1 day, then went to brown spotting (no odor) for 3-4 days, then gone. I assumed it was an off period since I was traveling, time change, under a lot of stress, etc. Then, fast forward two weeks and the brown spotting returning, followed by a full flowing red period again. This is unusual for me, so I began googling (not smart). And all sorts of cervical cancer things are  omg g up. Would anyone mind telling me your symptoms at diagnosis? I have severe medical anxiety and have been a wreck all day. Thank you, ladies so much!

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Hi Liviloo,

There is no general symptoms for things, some people have no symptoms, some people have lots. The best thing to do is visit your gp and get checked out. Lots of non cancerous conditions can cause similar symptoms, but it's important to still get checked out, better safe than sorry. 

Google will always take you to the worst case scenario, trust in your gp to do the doctoring! I'm really guilty of google diagnosing myself, so not trying to preach and I'm almost always wrong lol.

Lots of love and please let us know how you get on