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Vaginal bleeding

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I posted on this forum around 12 months ago to seek some advice on what to expect next. Unfortunately even after 12 months It seem medical professionals GP and gynaecologist have no answers for me. I’m feeling frustrated and have not much other advice but to wait and see what happens.

Recap, I started bleeding after intercourse and between periods around October 2017 on and off but never quite sure if it was my period was due soon or because my period had just finished which could have caused it. Having intercourse is not painful either. In December 2017 I went to my GP as thought I should get some advice they carried out some swab tests and they were clear and told me to monitor it.

I had my latest smear test in December 2016 which came back clear. Previous smear test before that has also been clear.

Since December 2017 the bleeding after intercourse has continued and now is every time me and my husband have sex So guessing it’s not related to my period.

I visted my gp again (this time a different one) on july 2018 and she completed a examination and swabs again. All of which she said appears normal and the rest results were satisfactory with no further action required.

My GP referred me for an abdominal and transvaginal ultra sound which I had Early August 2018.

My report from the ultrasound came back to my GP and she advised a small cysts was found but wouldn’t explain the bleeding. My GP is clueless and has referred my to a gynaecologist. GP also did bloods (not sure what for now).

I Saw a gynaecologist in October 2018 and further examination who did see cysts  but these didn’t bleed during the examination. She was unclear about the previous ultrasound so referred me for another. She suggested that if that came back clear I try and change my method of contraception from the combined pill to Coil.

The ultrasound came back ok with a letter from Gynae department to discharge me from their list. So I have now got an appointment to have the coil at the end of the month.

The nurse said I could expect bleeding for up to 6 months after being fitted. So I’m thinking it’s going to almost 2 years and I still don’t have any answers if the coil doesn’t fix it.

Has anyone been through this? Have any advice or am I just to expect this to continue. I am worried they have missed something.

Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for your support and advice.


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I'm sorry that you've had to come back here 12 months after your original posts and you are no further forward with finding out what's wrong. 

I don't have the experience you're looking for but I noticed that your post had gone unanswered. This could be because no one else has had this experience or simply because the person with the right experience hasn't yet seen your post. 

While you're waiting to see if you get any replies you could post your questions in ask a nurse and one of the specialist nurses will respond within 2 working days.


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