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Urgent referral for Colposcopy

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I recently attended my Gp appointment as was having abnormal watery discharge/abnormal discharge, bleeding after intercourse.  

My Gp examined me and said she saw some bleeding and had inflammation on my cervix , she has referred me for an urgent colposcopy but I’m worried sick. 

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It's hard not to worry...been there. I tried to.tell myself that there was.no point worrying until i knew there was a reaaon for worrying and then if I had something to worry about i'd be too busy dealing with it to worry. I used to see each appointment as a round in a boxing match. Just my way of dealing with it, as i was a single.mum with a 3 yr old. 

At least you are more likely to get an apt quickly and hopefully you will get the results promptly. Waiting is the worst part and you need to try to keep busy and occupied. I hope everything turns out for the best for you, there's many things it could be so fingers doubly crossed for you xx

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I had this a few years back. I had the procedure and she gave me cryosurgery there and then. Nothing to be overly concerned about.  I remember having some period pain cramping whilst it was done and afterwards you have a watery discharge that goes on for days.. you might not even have to have it and may be absolutely fine x