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Letter from doctor / scans

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Hello, I am new. I had symptoms that I saw my GP, she gave me internal and said she felt swelling. I had scans and they saw something but said it may come out with next period (which I am currently having) and then want to re-scan in a couple of weeks (15 August is my appointment date). This morning I received a letter from my GP where it states the scan showed a possible area of bleeding in cervix. I was told at my scan in was womb... anyway now I am thinking the absolute worst! Has anyone else had this show on a scan? Could it be cancer? I am petrified :-(

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Hi BB,

lots of people pass through the site with symptoms and get the all clear, so try and take one step at a time, unfortunately the only way to know what's happening for sure is to go to your appointment on the 15th and take things from there. Waiting on results is just the pits, our best advice is to keep busy and distracted and do not google symptoms, that would drive you up the pole and the reality is usually much better than an inetenet search will lead you to believe. 

Do anything you enjoy, get outside, if you struggle to sleep look on you tube for a relaxation video and do some deep breathing exercises, clean your house if you are that way inclined, anything at all to pass the time and get you to your next appointment 

lots of love